Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rigid frame go kart build slideshow

Intended for use on smooth dirt & grass, this kart took around 60 hours to build. Rigid frame (no suspension) and side mounted motor give the kart a short wheelbase, kart will fit in a 6x4 trailer.
The seat is fitted 30mm left of centre to compensate for the engine hanging off the side. The engine is a 125cc Ducar motor - 4 speed manual.
The kart also features KSI cable operated caliper,Saas steering wheel & Willans harness.
Bayswater Power Trans. provided machine work on rear axle, sprocket & carrier, and Powercycle in Bayswater provided the disc. Everything else has been engineered by myself.
I made an Aluminium panel/heat shield between the fuel tank & muffler. I had to make one to match for the other side, just so it looked right. I haven't made any other panels or floor to let air flow through the frame, as the engine is air cooled.

go kart first run

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