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RC ADVENTURES - "the DRuG MaN" - RC4WD TRAiL FiNDER 2 Toyota Hilux 4X4 S... - Rambo? Nope.. MEDiCBO. Haunting Memories.. Are they REaL or FaNtAsY.. Take a leap though the looking glass of my mind, as I paint a picture of a truck driver taking his Hilux through the DeMilitarized Zone... The RCSparks studio gets you SO CLOSE.. you can hear combat not too far off in the distance.

Who Is he? ... Some say he is a drug transporter and escaped criminal.... and that he is simply a 4X4 enthusiast with a scanner in his truck... All we know is he's NOT The Stig, but he is The Stig's 1:10 scale cousin!

With RC, imagination - is your only limitation!

This video is showcases the new RC4WD TF2 I have been building..

This Trail Finder 2 has a two Stage Transmission (High and Low) Mostly, in this film I am in Low gear.. for some really cool shots! Using extreme wide angle lenses and shooting in a high frame rate - this film will whisk your brain away to a warzone..

Powered by a Tekin FXR ESC, and 35T Brushed Motor, it easily torques its way across most terrain. I power this rig with a 6000mah 2S Lipo Battery - which gives me close to 2 hours of runtime.

This particular and complete build is valued at about $1100.00 all in.

RC4WD Kit: 350 (aprox)

Tekin Crawler Setup - 140 (Aprox)

3 Waterproof Servos - 160 (Aprox)

Receiver / Radio (Spektrum) - RX -100 / TX 250 (Aprox)

Supplies - $100

The uber realistic construction and fabrication of parts, takes this type of RC to a whole new level. The TF2 is the successor to the highly sought after RC4WD "Trail Finder" original truck. In the TF2, the 2 Stage Selectable Transmission, Transfer Case, Leaf Spring suspension & a 1.55 Diameter Tire setup - is a real treat to see in person. Using 1080p HD, and a proper lighting setup.. I get the honour of showcasing these parts Up close, and in detail to ALL of the RC ADDiCTS that come to see RC ADVENTURES! Have fun my friends.. this is simply AMAZING!

RC4WD TF2 Product:

RC ADVENTURES - TASTE THE MUD - SAVAGE FLUX HP - the SAVAGE FLUX HP on 6S LIPO in the MUD seems to be FLOATING! The Tunes of DJ KWERK and the PURE RAW POWER of MEDiC's MONSTER TRUCK! What could be better....?!

My friends.. I worked with and DJ KWERK to bring you this MUDDY, Mucky, Swampy.. FUN SAVAGE FLUX VIDEO!! The Track is called "the WERKout" & I fully approve. DJ KWERK is a talented producer.. and I have heard many of his tracks through KiCK iT Records. The Track is NOT available to the public yet.. but will be SOON! Check out more DJ KWERK on Soundcloud:

This MONSTER TRUCK is amazing and I used a GOPro Hero 2 Camera While I was Filming AND DRIVING! WOOOO! I love Slow Mo shots.. these were rendered at 60fps using FINAL CUT Pro X on my iMAC.

My Computer has a 2.4 I5 Processor with 16GB of RAM

The HPI Truck is completely stock and 100% NOT WATERPROOF!

I RiSKED it all to get this footage and had a FANTASTIC TIME! I hope you enjoy this film and Share it with your BASHING FRIENDS! WOOO!


another good adventure with rcadventures djmedic - RUDE BOYZ shows off a Backyard MUD pit that ANYONE can make! A Special thanks to KRAZY JOE and the RUDE BOYZ RC Crew who were able to get their rigs SUPER DIRTY for the viewers of RC ADVENTURES! Its with their help that I am able to continue bringing AMAZING videos to you, and they play a fun role in allowing me to make some pretty cool film. JOE always RISKS it all for your viewing pleasure!!

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Wild Thang - 2012 Revved Up 4 Kids Car Show

Wild Thang a blown an injected fire breathing hot rod

sunday treasure hunts

2 hot wheels 69 396 ss chevelle regular treasure hunts out and about found some gold

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