Thursday, December 30, 2010

Pismo/Oceano test run with the new mini buggy sand rail

Testing in the sand for the first time. Pismo Oceano out in the dunes driving the sand rail around

Mini buggy test run, mini sand rail

Taking the rebuilt buggy for a spin around the block.

Mini buggy walkaround and startup V2, mini sandrail

My second mini buggy build using parts off first build. Built from scratch. Runs a CBR600 f4 engine, fox 2.0 air shocks all around, with rear trunk and pannels. I'll add some more videos soon.

Mini buggy walkaround and startup, mini sandrail

My first mini buggy build. Built from scratch. Runs a CBR600 f4 engine, fox 2.0 air shocks all around. Idle is a little high right now but an easy fix. I'll add some more videos of it running soon.

Mini buggy test run

Testing out my first mini buggy build; taking it around the block. CBR600 F4 motor with fox 2.0 air shocks. Video was shock with the hero gopro cam.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mini Funny Car Test-n-Tune

mini funny car running at the dragstrip gbc funny car a jr comp funny car they are called their either motrcycle powered or they are powered by snowmobile engines .a cheap way to go fas .

rc tractor pull rigs

all kinds of rc tractor pullers 3 ,4 engine gas 2 stroke engine john deere and funny car pullers

big scale german rc tanks

big scale german r/c tanks around 1/4 scale some of them a litlle smaller
hobby expo rosemont IL Donald E. Stephens Convention Center

rc tractor pulling

around 1/5 scale rc tractor pulling with real gas 2 stroke engines weed waker engines pulling a sled at a rc hobby expo in rosemont IL

Worlds Smallest Running Chevy V-8.wmv

mini v8 world smallest V8 engine, 1/6 scale real working small scale v8 engine

1971 Camaro Pro-Street ~

1000 HSP Blown 572 1971 Camaro Pro-Street
blown and injected electronic fuel injection big huge injection scoop like oon the top fuel dragsters

1971 Camaro Pro-Street ~

1000 HSP Blown 572 1971 Camaro Pro-Street
blown and injected electronic fuel injection big huge injection scoop like oon the top fuel dragsters

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Monday, December 27, 2010

jr comp dragster chassis fore sale

This is a copy of the Dragster I've run for years. It is built to accept an inline four motorcycle engine, although I'm sure it could be adapted to run any small engine. I built this one while I had the jig set-up for an extra. The wheel base is 186" it is all chromoly and TIG welded here at Advanced Chassis, and has serialized chassis tag. If you are looking to build something like this you will not be disapointed. We will mount the spindle bosses to your wheel height when purchased, as this needs to be done in a jig for accuracy.

link to the ad

hear is a link to the chassis shop that builds them

mini funny car for sale

Full fiber glass body complete body, lifts up. It's a 2004 7/8 funny car. NHRA certified 85% ready. It has 2 cdi boxes with car, two chutes installed charging posts. Emergency cut off. Front & rear running lights. It has over $6500.00 in it. Also comes with the trailer to haul. Need to sell due to losing job. No less than $4500.00.

link to the ad

mini funny car for sale

Mini Pro Funny Car By GBC racing

Chromemolly will certify 7.50 at 175 mph.Car has a few shake down runs. Comes with Electric Reverser, wheely bar . Powered by Suzuki Hayabusa has Mps Auto Shift, Data logger, power commander etc.Car has been on IsCA show circuit last 4 years. I am now living in Alaska the car is located in Texas.Just ordered new car need to move this one.Please if you are not serious dont waist both of our time.

link to the ad

mini funny car for sale

Run on Alcohol and one of the few left alive.Only need new home and some tlc.Best offer will take it away and make a great show car for promotion It's one of kind.

Above Added: Mon December 20, 2010, 5:53 am EST

Mid 70's Umbro Mini Funny Car created by Jos Umbro and his son in early 70's.About 500 lbs/10 feet long /KZ 1000 cc motor with SUPER CHARGER creating over 400 HP.

This car come with a history that I collected from all previous owners... including Todd Mack (Big Mac Attack Funny Car) from the 80's. Run but need paint job and some tlc. I have over $30 K in it myself.
a link to the sale ad

blown prostreet nova a 1960 something nova bds blower small block chevy

blown prostreet nova a 1960 something nova bds blower small block chevy dual carbs brite orange paint full roll cage tubbed out whellies bars just one nice prostreet chevy

rear engine blown and injected hurst 1966 Plymouth Barracuda drag car

rear engine blown and injected hurst 1966 Plymouth Barracuda drag car one really cool car it would be nice to have a rear engine car that would hook up, the engine and trans is connected to a transfer case at the back of the car and then it comes back to the rear end you can see in the video how it is hooked sure is a wheel stander,one of favorite cars i ever seen .

1970 chevelle supercharger 509 bigblock

1,000 hp supercharger 1970 chevelle 509 bigblock procharger supercharger turbo 400 trans moser rearend

some video of the car


2 spark plug per cylinder hemi big block with some webber carbs nice forgot what car it was in but nice engine ,seen at the muscle car show in rosemont IL

custom painted corvette

custom painted corvette craziest paint job i ever seen wicked custom painted dragons and true fire and some pinstriping on the dashboard ,1959 corvette 427 twinn turbo small block lots of horse power

her is some video of the corvette

hurst camaro

2010 hurst camaro black and white with black racing strips cowl hood and crome rims at the muscle car show in rosemont IL

classic cars at a muscle car show

blown and injected hemi powered roadster with a custom red white and blue paint job american flag paint the muscle car show in rosemont IL.
hear is a electronic tube fuel injection system

hear is some video of the injected car
1965 plymouth a/fx drag car 426 hemi electronic fuel injection tubes like the mechanical-fuel-injection manifolds

Sunday, December 26, 2010

"How To" Adjust the valves on a 125cc Kikker Hardknock by California Har...

How To" Adjust the valves on your 125cc Kikker Hardknock with Hi-Bird motor.
For the intake valve I used a .003 feeler gauge for the exhaust I used .004. You can set the valves at different clearance than I did to suit your taste and conditions, the video is just a reference on how to do it. Keep an eye out for more Tech Center Videos from California Hardknock!
hear is this kikker dealer that is doing the repair video you can find some kikker bikes to buy hear

The Badger

this is the World's Smallest Tank. it will listed in the next edition of the Guinness Book. It weighs about 3000 lbs and is made by Howe & Howe Technologies and will be used by law enforcement personnel

homemade supercharger

home made wooden supercharger just a test run before making a metal one just alittle practice .used a dremel tool to grind down the impeller fan and intake opening and hole saw to cut the hole in the body and to cut the plug for the impeller to machine down.pretty funn this is .but cool at the same time .it does work

added a teflon bear so it would run better sould get a sealed bearing realling to make go fast now it gets about 1 pound bost or even more London Ky Pro/Super Pro Brackets

jr comp dragsters racing motorcycle powered dragsters and snowmobile powered dragsters and a snowmobile powered drag bike ,motorcycle Beech Bend Dragway KY Finals

jr comp dragsters racing motorcycle powered dragsters and snowmobile powered dragsters

custom made RC Nitro 8x8 Amphibian truck with twin lrp 28

crazy 8 wheeled rc truck
This is my custom built nitro 8x8 Amphibian.. The truck is not complete yet but is close to being done.. There is still a crane that goes on the back of it on the plate that will be completely operable.. Should be on there tonight and have a video up tomorrow hopefully.. And also will try to have the bottom sealed and filled with foam in between the chassie plates to try to make it float and go across water but that part is still a work in process

Thursday, December 23, 2010

World fastest snowmobile: Bonneville, 211.5 mph

G-Force-1, the world fastest sled, wide open on the Bonneville salt flats at the Mike Cook landspeed shootout

377cc Rotax Bombarider Ski Doo snowmobile powered Twister Hammer Head bu...

Ok. A 6 month project is finally alive. It started it's life as a Twister Hammer Head buggy (circa 2004?) It's power plant was removed (chinese 150cc GY6 honda clone) and now houses a Rotax 377cc twin cylinder two stroke engine out of a 1987 Ski Doo Safari snowmobile. Brand new Mikuni VM34mm carburetor dialed in. Oil injection pump removed and its now premixed at 32:1 with pretty good plug readings. Not worried about the paint yet, just wanted it drivable. We were able to incorporate the snowmobile chain case and driveline to make hookup easier. Really snappy off the line, has a definite hit as soon as you take off. Enjoy.

HONDA VTR 1000 SP2 buggy

this is my friend Leon with his VTR 1000 buggy. he made it his self and its an absolute fast and driving machine

home made sand rail or dune buggy

Knock Vegas 2010.wmv

kikker rally losts of bikes kikker 5150 hardknocks

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Eric bobber2

johnny pag bike

go pro

a ride along on johnny pag motorcycle on board cam ride

Johnny Pag Barhog Custom part02

2010 Johnny Pag Barhog Custom
looks like added some custom parts on the johnny pag looks good

JPM Barhog

The 2009 Barhog. Very limited production of this "bobber" style 300cc Johnny Pag Motorcycle. Visit to find more information and a local dealer.
(Plus Dealer Fees)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

dodge daytona plymouth superbird

1969 dodge daytona 1970 plymouth superbird
2 of them

true fire

true fire 1957 chevy station wagon cutom painted airbrushed true fire

1970 dodge challenger rt hemi

1970 dodge challenger rt 426 hemi purple

challegers walk around

2011 gss hp1 challenger srt 8 convertible 600 hp supercharged hemi v8
gen lll engine intercooled 11 sec et

peterbuilt show truck

peterbuilt show truck a look at the engine in the big rig

edlebrock supercharger

edlebrock supercharger and carbs and manifolds a walk around tour of the edlebrock booth at the hot rod show in rosemont IL E-Force Supercharger systems Complete kits are available for Camaros, Corvettes, Mustangs and the F-150, stock it makes 5 pounds of boost

DODGE DART dual carb hemi

mopar dual carb hemi

show corvette

mint corvette show car cool car display o a turn table

supercharged fox body mustang

vortech supercharged fox body mustang lots of crome fast street car

drag camaro

drag camaro monster aluminum hemi engine super gas car

Burpees Are Forever Workout

Burpees Are Forever Workout hardcore workout

Schwinn Stingray 80cc engine

Schwinn Stingray after finishing installing an 80cc 2-stroke engine ,motor powered biycle

motorized bicycle, trike

custom bicycle motorized trike
1960's Columbia trike, change out out front bars to triple tree with a slightly angled handle bar,after market fiber glass race tank from a 1969 Hasquavana, 1976 Casual moped motor 49cc, removed cable link to clutch, wired to fire on porch car coil

going for test ride

Three dog reverse trike motorized go kart test footage

crazy motorized contraption reverse go kart trike
This is a the first real test footage of the Three Dog reverse trike go kart built from scratch. The only components that were sourced are the Harbor Freight 6.5HP 200cc motor, the wheels, and front spindles. Everything else was designed, engineered, and fabricated by D. Soetenga. This reverse trike was built for a $350.00 budget and it only total with a 34lbs motor. After these test runs some modifcations will be made to the design

Z-Rex 1200cc - Custom built reverse trike - T-Rex rendition.. www.SYNFXO...

like a t-rex with motorcycle atached to the back end ,This is a custom built one-off reverse trike built by Mike Wilcox of East Texas. The Z-Rex features a Kawasaki 1200cc engine and custom built twin-passenger front mount cab. Enjoy the video! Garage project.... VISIT

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Kikker Hardnock Burnout II

kikker burnout on a old school kikker 5150 hardknock bobber custom painted and white walls nice old school look,doing a big burn out inside a garge lots of smoke

Thursday, December 9, 2010

v8 motorcycle

This is a hand made 694 cc cross plain v8 running for the first time in a BMW 650 cycle looks like the engine was custom made from some other engines combining them together

close up of the engine

starting it up and running the engine a close up look of the custom made engine


This is my self built Kawasaki zzr 1100 reverse street trike.
fully road legal, 150 bhp, kandy pearl orange
motorcycle build turning a motorcycle into a revese trike chopping off the front end and adding a custom front frame and suspension and wheels even has a extended rear end cool wip.

start up and walk around

Monday, December 6, 2010

Turbo Kart USC 2007 9 second 1/4 mile Fastest Run!

Turbo Kart USC 2007 9 second 1/4 mile Fastest Run! 1/4 mile run 9.457 133 mph
motorcycle powered turbo go kart super fast

Protótipo LOKI 2063

a crazy rocket powered go kart a turbine jet engine shooting fire out the back like a flame thrower doing some high speed runs looks wicked fast

TURBO KART dragster Suzuki GSX-R1100

cool tirbo gokart driving sideways around the track crazy driving in go kart a motorcycle powered go kart TURBO KART dragster Suzuki GSX-R1100 and a turbo

woman driving - Mulher no Volante

women crashes a car in oil change station like a oil express or a jiffy lube she drives her car right into the pit funny stuff


a video of a BUILDING A VW TRIKE stretched a strait forward trike with some power

Second Slide show, Wiring, Lights and feenders and tank

walk around of the build

chopper build done and the trike doing a big wheelie

bike all done and painted

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Photos and video Kikker Hardknocks

babes abd bikes

peterbuilt show truck

seen this big rig at a muscle car show in rosemont IL peterbuilt show truck taking a look at the engine in the big rig walk around

1969 yenko camaro

1969 yenko camaro keeping the stock look blue
nice clean 69 camaro

DODGE DART dual carb hemi

mopar dual carb hemi

Thursday, December 2, 2010

nova kit car sterling sebring no lamborghini countach

on design nova kit car lamborghini replica countach replika batmobile batmobil diablo murcielago vector w8 eagle ss kitcar matra murena pontiac fiero designer fashion greek messinia peloponnes griechenland sterling sebring w2 ferrari testarossa porsche 911 928 914 924 944 vw greece athen enigma opel gt camaro firebird de tomaso pantera lorean batman sparta leonidas

Senator Bob Huff visits Gale Banks, part 1

California Senator Bob Huff visited Gale Banks Engineering for a tour and some Q&A with the press regarding new regulations in emissions.

Senator Bob Huff visits Gale Banks, part 2

Senator Bob Huff and Gale Banks discuss how technological innovations should be allowed to be developed for the good of the economy and the environment.

Senator Bob Huff visits Gale Banks, part 3

Senator Bob Huff and Gale Banks discuss measures to help not only the local economy but the environment as a whole.

Senator Bob Huff visits Gale Banks, part 4

What's standing in the way of progress? Not Senator Bob Huff or Gale Banks. Watch and see their plan to improve the economy, the aftermarket industry, and yes, even the environment.