Saturday, April 30, 2011

rc tractor pulling 4 engine

another r/c tractor pulling 4 engine tractor comp three weed wacker engines on custom tractor pulling a sled ,weed eater, hobby expo rosemont IL wwpa trator pulling association

Friday, April 29, 2011

A&S Racing 2009 Banshee drag racing

the best quad video seen too date a tun of real nice stretched atvs doing some sand drag racing,alot of footage sand drags

Thursday, April 28, 2011

11 year old "Lil Ruthless" first pass ever on asphalt!!!!

a 11 year kid running 1/8 mile going over a h 100mph !
My lil bro making his first pass ever on asphalt, 1.39 60ft 6.13@102!!!! He's only 11!!!!

Yamaha Banshee at SGMP

wicked drag quad

Banshee Boy Triple Banshee from GA.

super nice drag quad
Banshee Boy Triple Banshee Test. It is a triple cylinder with a 4 speed transmission

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

best tractor and truck pulling video

tractor and truck pulling compilation,gas and eletric pullers
rc tractor puller electric truck pulling a sled comp at he hobby expo in rosemount IL 2010

Monday, April 25, 2011


a funny video ,a nice way to clean off your deck or even your sidewalk use a rc snow plow truck to clean off the walk way cool stuff got to try this this winter

FG 8x4 Truck

rc mercedes truck 8x4 ,2,26cc zenoah engines ,2 stroke,doing some truck pulling ,pulling a sled

Pulling Event Switzerland March 2008

rc tractor Pulling Event Switzerland March 2008 with high-power cars,4 engine puller and 8x4 powered rc puller

Ridley Vintage Motorbike

nice mp felt motorized bicycle ,with a motor kit on it nice ride

Ridley Vintage Motorbike MP #2

The MP (Desert Patrol) Vintage Motorbike. Rubber mounted 70cc, 2 stroke engine.

Motorized Bicycle Racing 2011

Death race 2011 Motorized Bicycle Racing April 16th at Musselman Honda Circuit in Tucson,Arizona alot of unusual motor bikes racing on a race track check it out

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Truckpulling Modeltruck 1:4 Volvo

rc 1/4 scale big truck tractor pulling ,huge volvo big rig truck

Truckpulling Modeltruck 1:4 Volvo

1/4 scale big truck tractor pulling ,huge volvo big rig truck

R/C scale Tractor pull

rc truck pulling some trucks and rock crawlers pulling

2011 Dirt Nationals Gas Class

2011 Dirt Nationals hosted by the RC Pullers of Central New York. The video highlights this year's gas class. The final three clips are from the finals where Andy Linkenhoker took first, Dave Engle second, and Cal Linkenhoker third.some micro tractor pulling

LED Lights part 2 on a Kikker

kikker 5150 hardknock with some blue led lights glowing or neo lights

Saturday, April 23, 2011

1910 Shaw racer improved

another nice motorized bicycle with a cool little tank a round tube tank

Shaw motorbike in action

1922 shaw motorized bicycle cool little bike start up and ride

Dr Bingham's H-22 Shaw

Dr Bingham's H-22 Shaw,motorized bicycle,board track racer style ,nice little bike

Antique Motorcycle 1916 Miami Power Bicycle AMCA

1916 miami powered bicycle ,old school board track racer bicycle motorcycle
walk around start up and ride

Thursday, April 21, 2011


1915 excelior ,build, a motorcycle build , a board track racer ,alot of fabricating on this on real nice bike
enjoy the build

motorcycle excelsior 1915

old motorcycle 1915 excelsior custom built a look at raw and running take a look at the engine real cool stuff

Turbo Supercharged Tractor

the nicest or the best rc vehicle 2 date ,super nice ,a custom r/c tractor puller with a turbo charger,the turbo was cnc machined ,it also has one nice custom rear end,even boost gages for the turbo little puller

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How to Build a Motorized Bicycle - Part 1

how to build motorized bicycle ,showing how build bike with a bicycle motor kit

part 2

part 3

LB Lot.mpg

check ou this kikker video ,check out the get up this guy is wearing ,a skull face mask and purple wig .on a, kikker 5150 hardknock
check out the sissie bar witht he skull on the top,and the purple paint job.funny stuff

Korry Hogan Top Fuel Crash at 200 MPH

Top Fuel Drag Bike, 200 MPH crash from being electrocuted while running down the track, Top Fuel Crash!

Korry Hogan World's First 250 MPH Motorcycle Drag Race Pass

Korry Hogan makes the World's First 250 MPH Motorcycle Pass. Norwalk Ohio October 2008 during qualifying

244mph run.AVI

on board veiw of top fuel funny bike ,isane look on how it is to run over 240mph on a motorcycle
Korry Hogan #1 Qualifying pass at Valdosta, GA, Manufacturer's Cup Finals. o-244 MPH in 5.84 seconds, 0-200 MPH in 3.8 seconds. The World's Fastest Dragbike onboard helmet camera footage from the Friday night qualifying efforts of John Alwine, Chris Alwine, Mike Dryden and Korry Hogan.

Tractor pulling rc C.V. 2011

custom made sled looks like it was cnc machined real nice ,rc tractor pulling with rock crawlers

My Newly Purchased Old Hot Wheels

Showcasing My Newly Purchased Old Hot Wheels...also included in this video is my first show and tell with voice over featuring a T-Hunt and an Error. Thanks for Watching and Happy Hunting

Motorized Husky Tricycle - High Speed Take 1

motorized 3 wheel trike modified an industrial work bike by adding a 4hp mini-bike engine and a whole bunch of other parts. This was the first time it was driven.motor bicycle build engine kit.

I changed the gear ratio for more top end speed. In this video it has a 14 to 1 gear ratio and can go 32mph using a 4hp Tecumseh go kart engine.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Bob Boruta Snowmobile dragbike

Bob Boruta's Snowmobile powered dragbike 2000 Polaris 600 Twin (597cc) 5.70's @ 120mph 1/8th mile 9.1's @ 140 mph 1/4 mile
AMA Dragbike World record holder

Bob Boruta 2 Snowmobile dragbike

Bob Boruta's Snowmobile powered dragbike 2000 Polaris 600 Twin (597cc) 5.70's @ 120mph 1/8th mile 9.1's @ 140 mph 1/4 mile
AMA Dragbike World record holder
onboard cam veiw of the bike running Worlds Fastest Snowmobile Powered Drag Bike

UMDRA & AMA DragBikes's world fastest snowmobile powered drag bike. BnS Drag Racing
snowmobuile engine in a drag bike

Go Kart 1000cc

a close up look at flat shifter electric shifter ,how the shifter works is the ignition is cut off for a milisecond to reduce the torque so i can shift.a demo of up shifting and down shifting .

a look at the motorcycle powered 1000cc go kart


street quad atv 250cc all custom out wing ,nice wheels ,dual exhuast

Ducati street quad 1000cc - Made by Eicker

Ducatie street legal quad 1000cc. Made by Eicker. incredible fast and the handling is even better! The bike has a Need for speed! You dont see this in the movie, because the engine is just been overhauled. Maby in the future a better film with more speed and power

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Turbo Jester Hayabusa Prostreet 7.3@199mph pass

super fast heavily modified street bike going 199mph,no pro stock bike chassis here
Crazy fast orange and white Jester paint gaphics turbo Hayabusa Prostreet motorcycle making a 7.3@199mph pass at the quarter mile drag strip in Martin Michigan during the AMA Drag Bike event 5/16/2010

Motorized Bicycle with Jackshaft Kit

This is a video of my 2-stroke motorized bicycle with jackshaft kit. It can reach speeds up to 36mph.

1250 Bandit street legal quad

Street legal quad. I converted my Suzuki Bandit to A quad using Yamaha suspention,Banshee front and Raptor rear.My email is made it street legal ,turn signals, headlight, tailight ,turn signals,dot aproved tires and horn,to make it street legal

out on the road

CBR600 Quad Bike Build

This is a slideshow and video of my 4wheeler build. 1987 CBR600 + 1989 LT500R = cbrzilla. I used the motor and most of the chassis from the bike combined with the front suspension, front suspension subframe, rear swingarm and axle, rear shock and linkage and linkage mount point from the LT. The build so far has taken about 3 weeks. It is now in the debug and testing phase. Still planning on building a new exhaust and belly pan for it

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Harley Motorcycle Bio-Diesel Chopper 3.mp4

diesel chopper motorcycle

diesel harley chopper motorcycle

diesl chopper power exhaust etc still needs some sorting...but here it is warmed up a bit. B99 fuel.

more on

Ol' School Bike For Sale!

real nice classic kikker
Kikker 5150 Hardknock with a 250cc V-twin. Had made horseshoe oil tank. Modifided frame and springer. Custom paint with air brushed logo. Tan Custom leather seat.

200 hardknock bobber 4 sale

custom kikker 5150 hardknock custom paint sissie bar and so on


women riding a kikker 5150 hardknock

Friday, April 15, 2011

Pimping My Hot Wheels

The Title of this Video says it all......I tried to use my artistic ability to add some details to some of my loose cars...I apologize if I ruined the car instead of pipmping it out...Thanks for watching

Polaris Snowmobile Engine Powered Kawasaki Asphalt Drag Bike @ Dragway 42

First video with a Kodak Zi8. I couldn't get the editing software to work.
1998 Polaris xc700 snowmobile engine in a '79 Kaw KZ650SR frame. On this run the bike pulled to the right, and I had to let off for a second. Best run so far, 9.68 @ 132 mph in the quarter. Clutching is still a long way off.

Was dynoed at Dynotech Research in Batavia, NY on 7/3/2009

Made 162.1 hp @8300 rpm, 102.1 lbs/ft. @ 8300

indian merkel henderson pope cyclone harley board track racer pt2

bicycles board track racers slide show,if looking to build one, this video will give some good ideas for building a bike .

board track racer slide show cool motor powered bicycles and just bicycles

Thursday, April 14, 2011

NR/CTPA Truck & Tractor Pulling

RC truck & tractor pulling at a couple of National Radio Controlled Truck Pulling Association (NR/CTPA) events. Check out for more information

Asanti Rims on a T-Rex

t-rex out cruising glowing in the dark cool looking tex ,with some neon lights ,leds on it
with some real nice rims on it

Yunior's Super Donut

t-rex car doing huge burnout and donut at a t-rex car and bike show

Hot Wheels Racing

My take on Hot Wheels Racing. It ain't FAST and FURIOUS but it is certainly creative. I hope you all like it. All shots are taken with the iPhone 4 only. Please comment and share. Thanks for watching

My Hot Wheels Adventure

A Video of my Fun Adventure in search of a Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt. Lucky for me, I did find a regular Treasure Hunt. Now I am motivated to go treasure hunting even more. Happy Hunting

My Ultimate Die Cast Collection

one huge hotwheels collection check it out
I can't believe that I'm such a HOARDER...through 8 years I have accumulated about 1800 1:64 die cast the music says I guess, I can't get enough...All shots are taken with an iPhone 4. Thanks again for watching and commenting.

Board track rat rod bike

motorized bicycle with a custom made tank ,board track racer

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dans nelson btr

A 1906 replica board track racer with a nelson 8vbg engine

Buckshot Racing-Sickest sand cars

wicked 4 seater sand rail
Check out Buckshot Racing's latest Monster Energy sand rail, the all-new X.2R . Also a look at some other amazing sand car creations also by Andrew Buck

Cleveland CycleWerks tha Heist short video

heist bobber 250cc

Tha Heist 250 2011

cool little bobber
Heist 250 2011Used Motorcycles videos NJ at Cyclehouse in NJ, We do Trade-in deals too! We have a large selection of used motorcycles, streetbikes,
and sportbikes in New Jersey.

Moto Chopper Bobber Kikker 2011

kikker 5150 hardknock boober walk around look at a 200cc

Street legal quad, 2008 YFZ 450 in CALIFORNIA

how to make a atv street legal
head light
tail light
turn signals
dot approved tires
this how you make a quad street legal
go to the dmv and cross your fingers
and this atv is in clifornia so if you can do it their you should be able to do it any were in the country.good luck.

here is more video of the quad on the road

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Power Pro 1 - Larry D' Antoni Sept 16th, 2007

blown and injected hemi 4x4 tube chassis mud racer one awesome ride ,wicked
Power Pro 1 - 2.184
Larry D' Antoni
Sept 16th, 2007
Lena, Wisconsin

Monday, April 11, 2011

RC Tractor Pulling 2004 micro pulling

rc tractor pullers ,all kinds of tractors ,multiple engine tratcors,jet powered tractor,
pulling comp ,RC Tractor Pulling demo at the yearly modelbouwdag at Conrad, Boekelo, Netherlands

1/4 Scale Cub Floats by Hangar 9

For more information or to purchase this product please visit the following link:

These scale fiberglass floats are specifically designed for the Hangar 9 ¼-Scale Piper J-3 Cub ARF (HAN4550), so you can go from pavement to pond in just minutes. Whether flying glow or electric, you can enjoy the afternoon at the lake with this fantastic accessory for your scale plane. The ARF floats are constructed of fiberglass and feature scale rivets and chines as well as scale gear struts for an enhanced overall scale look. Other smart design features include a dual water rudder option for improved water steering and a spring-loaded rudder design that will allow you to maintain steering even if they strike an object in the water. And, the internal water rudder servo facilitates easy installation. The ¼-scale fiberglass floats are adaptable to a variety of ¼-scale planes thanks to the front hatch that allows you to add lead for balancing the floats on a variety of models.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Indian Boardtrack Racers

a tour history of old board track racers real good video must tv
Dale showcases a 1911 and 1914 Indian boardtrack motorcycles.

Timeless motorcycle testing

Timeless motorcycles tested by Jan and Geert motorized bicycle vinage old school board track racer bicycle motorcycle

Timeless Goes to Daytona 1.avi

a real good video on timeless bikes check it out
vintage board track racer

1910 Timeless Bikes in Production

1910 Timeless Motorcycles in the timeless factory

1913 Harley Engine

A completely restored 1913 Harley Davidson Engine running

03 engine running

1903 timeless dream engine run-in

a new timeless dream engine

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cannonball run bike spotted.

Witness Dale Walksler of the Wheels Though Time Museum fire up his 1916 Harley. This bike will be part of a connonball race with several other vintage HD's going from Kitty Hawk to the west coast this fall. I just happened to bump into him in a gas station in Maggie Valley, NC.

Buzz Kanter 1915 Harley Motorcycle Cannonball

Finally got this 1915 Harley running after a full rebuild of engine and chassis. Buzz is planning on riding this 1915 Harley 3300+ miles cross counrty on the Motorcycle Cannonball run in September 2010. Follow along in the pages of American Iron Magazine and on line at


1911 Indian Motorcycle cannonball rider #98 Sean Muncie Brayton nice board track early racer bike
very nice

a close up of the engine running

drive by

1911 Indian ride

One of my hobbies is making replicas of antique motorcycles. My friend Adam is riding my 1911 Indian motorcycle replica that I made throughout my neighborhood and I am following him on a bicycle while videotaping and trying not to crash. He had never rode anything but a bicycle before today. If you would like to view my build of this bike I have taken hundreds of pictures of the whole procedure

Just pulling 7

john deere rc tractor puller pulling a sled in a video
nice puller

snow bike

motorized bike in the snow doing donuts skiding around,getting loose in the snow ,riding dagerously ,bicycle motor kit on this bike.

night motorized bicycle ride along with onboard cam

RC Tractor pulling

rc jet turbine tractor puller looks like the big ones with a helicopter engine wicked tractor ,probly the coolest tractor around

Friday, April 8, 2011

whip cream secret safe

how to make a hidden storage whip cream can secret safe


GIXXER KART motorcycle powered go car
106 hp...6 speed transmission...300lb frame go kart

Thursday, April 7, 2011

rc john deere tractor pulling

1/5th scale 6030 John Deere set up as a Farm Stock puller rc tractor puller custom madeThese tractors are powered by 32cc to 50cc weedeater and scooter motors and are capable of pulling 300 lbs. they make these all them self home made real nice tractor puller hobby expo rosemont IL wwpa trator pulling association weed waker

Weedwacker Exibition Puller

1/5th scale 6030 John Deere set up as a Farm Stock puller. This tractor utilizes 13" diameter, bar tread roto-tiller tires and weighs 50lbs
in Farm Stock trim and 60lbs in Pro-Stock trim. These tractors are powered by 32cc to 50cc weedeater and scooter motors and
are capable of pulling 300 lbs. These Experimental tractors compete in the Weed Whacker Pulling Association currently as exhibition only.
We hope to start a new and exciting level of competition that everyone can participate in!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011



board track racer
part 2

motorized bicycle, trike

1960's Columbia trike, change out out front bars to triple tree with a slightly angled handle bar,after market fiber glass race tank from a 1969 Hasquavana, 1976 Casual moped motor 49cc, removed cable link to clutch, wired to fire on porch car coil

tour of the bike and start up

Expoland RC Exibition

This is the RC exibition all the No Limit guys did at the Tractor Pull during the Augusta County Fair @ Expoland in Fishersville VA.

Monday, April 4, 2011

felt 1903

felt 1903 BEACH CRUISER BICYCLE WITH AN ENGINE KIT test run with chinese 4 stroke ENGINE

Bet You've NEVER Seen a Snowmobile Go THIS FAST!!!

inside look at snowmobile asphalt drag racing on a tv show
PINKS All Outtakes on SPEED TV

186 LBS. full pull

Team Syndicate member Steven Tash's LST pulling 186 lbs. 30' for a full pull during the 1st No Limit RC of FL. monster truck racing event.

Board Track Replica - Dixie Flyer Build

here is a board tracke racer replica build from start to finish ,homemade.
Entire build of the Dixie Flyer from a Huffy Bike to the finished Flyer.
Started project September '09 finished May '10

close up look
1920's inspried Board Track Replica

out for a ride nice bike

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Briton bee motorcyclette

a cool little board track racer custom built 50cc morini bicycle motor kit
custom frame and gas tank cool whip....almost looks like a cafe racer

Friday, April 1, 2011

Motorcycle Board Track Racing Germany Harley 8 Valve Excelsior Super X

some early harley's board track racing old school style
Motorcycle Board Track Racing Germany Harley 8 Valve Excelsior Super X



1931 Ford Model A Delivery Virtual Tour / A MUST SEE!

for sale
This is a beautifully restored to original 1931 Ford Model A Delivery Truck, very unique and correct throughout. I made a pretty neat movie riding around in it near Dallas, Texas. ENJOY
here is a link to the youtube channel