Tuesday, March 30, 2010

V16 Hot Rod

A hot rod with two Chevy 350 V8s at the Antique Drags in Palmdale CA 2005

blown 57 chevy

blown 57 chevy world of wheels,1957 chevy blown pro street car

1974 amc hornet

1974 amc hornet 492 cubic inch amc small block 1000hp
world of wheels drag car full cage full tilt front end and tilt doors runs nitrous

1950 mercury coupe

slick 1950 mercury coupe cruizer with a chopped top

Monday, March 29, 2010

coffin car

check out this v8 coffin car

this is the engine in the coffine car

blown corvette

blown pro street corvette

custom painted truck

custom painted truck airbrush true fire, realistic fire dragons ,skulls graffix on hummer chicago auto show

munster car

the munster vehicle at the world of wheels ,this is the car from the muster tv show .this one wild car or truck or what ever this is.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

drag cars

world of wheels pontiac gto pontiac twin turbo 400 cubic inch v8 the turbos are huge ,101mm turbos 2,000hp big stuff 3 efi ,and a 1970's pontiac lemans or gto with a custom flame job with a tunnel ram big block with a areo hood scoop tubbed out or back halfed with wheelie bars and big drag wing and weld star wheels

1937 ford truck

1937 ford custom truck,hot rod, show car at the world of wheels ,the nicest car i have ever seen it was perfect.

1957 chevy convertible custom cruiser

1957 chevy convertible custom cruiser electronic fuel injection v8

Thursday, March 25, 2010

blown hot rod

pro street bike

big ton's chopp shop ,custom chopper pro street sled ,clean a smooth and flowing ,at the world of wheels

don garlits dragsters

don garlits dragsters at the world of wheels in rosemount IL 5 dragsters ,1962 swamp rat IV 1964 swamp rat VIII 1967 bounty hunter,blown hemi and blown big block chevys old school sling shot dragsters

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

23 t-bucket

1923 t-bucket world of wheels blown v8 with big fat tires custom side pipes all cromed out with a nice custom black canvas top a blower shop supercharger with a shotgun scoop

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

jagermeister hot rod

jagermeister hot rod or rat rod pick up truck with a jager intake set up pretty crazy set up their world of wheels hot rod

32 bantam roadster

filmed at the world of wheels 1932 bantam roadster 509 cubic big block chevy strange ford 9" rear end ultra bell trans 2 speed powerglide best time and speed 8.15 150 mph 1/4 mile

1937 ford

perfect hot rod one of my favorite cars ,come with with a fuel injected corvette engine LS6

Monday, March 22, 2010

pro street corvette

pro street blown corvette tubbed out street machine

hot rod pick up

hot rod pick up truck with a blown hemi engine in it ,it is called the tangerine scream world of wheels

1950 mecury lead sled

1934 ford hot rod

1934 ford 3 window coupe hot rod
blown injected hemi v8 with a custom paint job ,fire and a devil looks real nice

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

1930 model A ford rat rod

1930 model a rat rod

6 strongberg carbs

354 chrysler hemi v8

mucie 4 speed trans

ford 9" rear end

aluminum drag racing seats

the car is called the voodoo hellion

world of wheels rosemont ,IL right out side of chicago

Friday, March 12, 2010

1972 pro street plymouth cuda

tim mack's 1972 pro street plymouth cuda blown 440 cubic inch v8

23 t-bucket

a custom painted 23 t-bucket ,painted with ppg auto motive paint and pinstriped by voodoo larry with 1-shot paint
custom goast flames and spider webs

airbrushed spider web intake with a candy red ppg paint over the web a wicked paint job their in person looks even better

custom spider web grill and some spider webs on the head lights

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

stretched 34 ford

stretched 1934 ford with a blown hemi engine

1933 pro street ford

blown 1933 pro street ford

4 engine snowmobile streamliner

4 engine snowmobile streamliner

seen this 4 engine streamliner at the world of wheels in rosemont ,IL ,this car looks cool ,it has 4 articat 650cc snowmobile engines in it.only does 123mph but it looks cool.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Zeel Designs trike

This a zeel designs custom trike ,it does look like a oversized tricycle ,but with a engine,this bike was built for tv show biker build off on the discovery channel,,zeel designs is canadian company.The engine is a 1200cc harley spotster engine ,you can see the gas tank is is mounted inbetween the frame,a  floating gas tank,the front wheel is custom made 26 inch wheel ,the wheel was made on a cnc machine , machinded out of a solid block of aluminum ,as you can see the stunning copper plating threw out the bike.This bike has a very different design to it , this motorcycle is very pleasing ot the eye.It sure ticks out from the pack.

harley powered snowmobile

a harley panhead engine installed into a snowmoble ,they will put a v-twin in anything ,this is pretty cool snowmobile ,it is Panhead engine Power

Full pull whith a Panhead\John Deer
would you like one

fast snowmobiles

new to drag racing, snowmobiles on the track ,a way to go fast for cheap ,they put wheels on the front instead skis,and a smooth slick tread for the track.You could get snowmobiles ripping fast with not much  modification.
video is from SPEED TV