Sunday, January 31, 2010

Buell 1125R

Designed for the rider, the Buell 1125R model combines performance you would expect in a sportbike - power, precision and agility - with the character, attitude and exotic styling to stand out from the pack. With its V-twin engine architecture, it delivers raw one-of-a-kind sound and performance, offering customers liquid-cooling technology and proven world-class handling in an exciting innovative package. dry weight 375 lb
A new engine for the buell 1125r it is a liquid cooled 1126 cc engine,new to the buell line up,the engine is change in size cooling and in sound it does not sound like the traditional air cooled v-twin ,146 hp (109 kW)
82 ft-lb (111 Nm)The radical cosmetic changes are very big and out their,the large air scoops and areo look is definite change from any harley motorcycle  Engine Helicon, Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, 72 V-Twin Displacement 68.7 cu in (1,126 cc) ,6 speed trans,weighing in at 375lb makes it one of the lightest sport bikes in it's class.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Monday, January 25, 2010

Biggest Motorcycle

11 feet high. 20 feet long. And, a $300,000 pricetag. No one believed he could pull it off, but he built it anyway.

Alone in his workshop at home, Greg Dunham crafted the world's largest motorcycle. Not only does the giant machine
look amazing, it actually drives!

Kawasaki 48 Cylinder

Quick clip of the Worlds largest multi Cylinder Motorcycle, this 48 cylinder bike was built by Simon Whitelock - here it is at the Triples Rally in 2004 - it is actually 49 cylinder as the initial sound is of the single cylinder starter engine

jessie james radial engine motorcycle

This a 7 cylinder airplane powered motorcycle, the engine is a 110hp Rotec Engineering engine. Rotec is Australian airplane engine manufacturer.This is one of the most extreme bikes built ever , what would they come up with next.

the motorcycle is built by Jesse James at




would you want this bike

Radial engine motorcycle

this bike is out of control
This motorcycle made by JRL is just awesome. Powered by a radial engine. I haven't seen anything like that ever. Notice how fast it revs up.

Go here for some faq :

would you want this bike

Sunday, January 24, 2010

jr comp dragster racing

two hayabusa powered dragsters running against each other,they on racing in the 1/4 mile,these dragsters are getting popular,the dragsters either run on motorcycle engines or snowmobile engines, they are snowmobile powered dragster.a inexpensive way to go fast .

would you get one,do like these dragster leave a comment

Thursday, January 21, 2010

monster lawn mower

a monster riding lawnmower on steroids ,jacked to the sky , looks like it is on 30" mudders and a custom built frame,it even climes up on a car and does a burnout on the car, wicked tractor.

what do think of this lawn mower leave comment

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

jet powered bar stool

ok know you can say to your self you seen everything
a jet powered bar stool they are out of control.super wicked and cool.good idea to pass the time,you can not go wrong with these machines.

come with a jet turbine engine.

v8 go kart

hear are somemore videos

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

t-rex videos

t-rex videos enjoy

kawasaki T-REX AERO3S

t-rex getting a killer paint job

t-rex car show
 t-rex custom painted

GSXR 600cc powered fomula 1 car

GSXR 600cc powered fomula 1 car
some video
motorcycle powered fomula 1 car
First run of the Team Four Motorsports F600 car. The car is a 1984 Zink Z-19 Formula 500 car that has been converted to GSXR 600cc power.

1000cc Bike Engined Car

a cool motorcycle powered car project
FourLogic Gecko--1000cc Bike Engined Car

est 0-60 2.8s

top speed 175



atk 450vr atv

Standard Features: High Performance Lightweight 4-Stroke Falicon Stroker Crankshaft Nikasil Aluminum Cylinder Fuel Injection / Electric Start Magura Hydraulic Clutch Aluminum Twin-Spar Frame ITP Aluminum Wheels 450cc Reliability KIT Adjustable Suspension Ohlin Rear Shock Front & Rear Lights

Options ATK Steering Stabilizer Hand guards Tire balls Automatic Clutch On the Fly EFI Map Select High Performance Exhaust

New for 2008 New Falicon Stroker Crankshaft New Aluminum Nikasil Cylinder New Bore and Stroke for Max Power New Fuel Injection Settings New Graphics New Improved Seat Improved Battery Power Additional Options

Engine Type:

Liquid Cooled, 4-Stroke Single

DOHC 4- Valve Head



Bore & Stroke

95 x 63.4mm

Horsepower / RPM:

Compression Ratio:

48HP @ 10,000 RPM



Electronic Fuel Injection


12v Battery w Inductive Coil

Starting System:

Electronic Start



5-Speed Cassette No Reverse

Magura Hydraulic

Fuel Capacity:

3.2 Gallons

Wheel Base:





Front: 43” / Rear: 46”


Aluminum Perimeter Twin-Spar

Seat Height:


Ground Clearance:


Front Suspension:

9” Travel

Rear Suspension:

Ohlin 10” Travel

Front Brakes:

Hydraulic Dual Disc. W Parking

Rear Brake:

Hydraulic Single Disc.

Front Tire:

21 X 7-10

Rear Tire:

20 X 11-9

Dry Weight:

370 lbs



2 - Wheel Drive

Red & Black

Specifications Subject to Change without Notice 10.31.07

60 Day Limited Warranty Included

2008 450 VR MSRP $7,995

Est. 1984

1163 West 850 North

Centerville, UT 84014

Phone: (801) 298-8288 Fax: (801) 299-0710

Sunday, January 10, 2010

mini 32 ford

mini 32 ford, hear is pictures of 32 ford .just some picts found on the ineternet.a mini tot rod ,custom made one of the nicest mini hot rods around,even comes with some real nice custom come with a finished interior,2 tone with some some green trim,also come with a custom wheel cover with some hot rod flames stiched into the famric if you liik close.A nice ride for wheekend crusing around.

mini funny car in england

a mini funny car at car show in england