Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cuda with Supercharger

Supercharged Cuda at Goodguys, Lowes Speedway, Charlotte
Cuda with Supercharger

tot rod

57 chevy - promod - totrod racing

1957 Harley Davidson FXST Vintage Racer FOR Sale!!

Here my Harley Davidson Custom Vintage Racer, send far over 50000 Euros on it, the best you can get on Harleys, made by professional Cutom Harley Builder, complete conversion with MV Agusta F4 suspention front & rear Onearm Swingarm from Ducati 916, Nissin 6 piston Brake calipers front, rear Brake Caliper Brembo. S&S 93 cci (1600ccm) engine ,

iRide Customs Boardtrack style motorized bicycle

Just something I made up for the fun of it. I designed and fabricated the frame and tank. It has a 48cc Grubee roundhead and tops out at about 34mph

Fischer MRX

Fischer MRX American made sport motorcycle. A compilation of ads, magazine covers, 650cc V-Twin, liquid-cooled sport motorcyclefactory photos, and test video clips

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Crazy Big Block Fiero

rear engine blown big block Fiero

Monster Engine - Big Block

Giant Blower Engine - Big Block on an classic Chevrolet Truck.

big ass monster giant blower power dom big block chevy chevrolet truck engine motor birdcatcher chrome muscle drag concorde double intake turbo diesel super restored classic turbocharged charge supercharged

Syracuse Nationals 2009 twin blower coupe drive by

This coupe was driving by on friday at the syracuse nationals. Notice the twin blowers!

RON SMITH INSANE 1956 CHEVY Two 671 blowers george thorogood- bad to the...

bad to the bone 56 chevy
INSANE 1956 CHEVY truck Two 671 blowers

RON SMITH OBNOXIOUS Blown 1929 ford model A coupe

1929 ford model a coupe, custom everything, blower, 650hp on motor. cars name is OBNOXIOUS

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Turbo Diesel bike running

3cyl, 1000cc yanmar diesel. Engine built from block up,bored, timing advanced, special oil pan and pickup, all tolerances to perfect specs. injection pump mods, turbocharged with gt15turbo and a ton more go goodies. 3.35 inch open primary, 6 speed ultima trans. This bike hauls.

33hp and calculated 60ftlbs torque at the rear wheel. 80mph pull in 5th gear. ...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Banshee Boy Triple Banshee from GA.

Banshee Boy Triple Banshee Test. It is a triple cylinder with a 4 speed transmission,

The Hill Billy Turbo Hayabusa Nitrous Banshee (all clips)

This is all the video I have of the legendary Hill Billy hayabusa nitrous banshee. This video was taken at Banshee wars at Dumont dunes in 2006. The Bike is named Hill Billy.

35psi boost 11,400rpm 531RWHP 326FT tq, 643RWHP and 356ft tq on nitrous.

Quote from the owner:

ok for all the questions. Yes it really runs up to 35psi boost, NOT 3.5 or 13.
Max boost is 40psi without nitrous, 28psi with nitrous.
If you watch the videos you will see at the top when the launch control computer shuts down and it goes full power it just rips the front off the ground. On this little hill it was never more then 350whp-20-25psi boost. Hill just isnt long enough or steep enough to use any more power.
people who made comments about its 1/4 mile times, it ran 7.12 @188mph

34 streached coupe

world of wheels 34 streached coupe blown injected 354 cubic inch hemi,with a hilborn fuel injection ,tremic 5 speed transmission , tube chassis built by calumet collision , calumet, IL ,looks like a front engine street dragster

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Wheelie gone bad drag race

drag racing crash fox body mustang loosing control doing a wheelie and rolling over and crashing .brutla crash.