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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sprint Car & Midget Crash Comp Vol. 4

cool video with crashes from Sprint Cars and Midgets.

I did not shoot any of the video. All the credit goes to the Videographers listed at the end of the video. I am simply a fan that loves the sport.
Sprint Car & Midget Crash Comp Vol. 4

Roots Racing drag Quad bike V's Sprint car 1st race

Roots racing drag quad bike racing a sprint car at Ponde sand drags sprint car doing a big wheelie looks like the sprint car has some nos

deer could get hit by a train

chasing a deer off the track so it won't get hit this how deer gets killed on the train tracks they hang out on the tracks and train hits them

Friday, January 28, 2011

Mini sprint donut

the best donut i ever seen he did a donut and wheelie at the same time
micro sprit car motorcycle powered sprit car

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


blown and injected red wagon with a big v8 engine crazy stuff ,doing a big wheelie at the dragstrip
one cool build

Kinston Drag Strip Go Kart Crash

go kart crash guy crashed his go kart into a guard rail a the light tree pretty funny

Go Kart build time lapse

Go Kart build time lapse

600cc go kart build

motrcycle powered go kart build watch a go kart being built
07 Kawasaki 636 motor on a go kart frame extended stretched its gonna be a beast

The Hardknock Kikker 5150

good kikker 5150 hardknock video riding around town

Saturday, January 22, 2011

FG Monster Truck Nitrous Oxide Part1 checkout Part2 as well

This is the first video, second video now available - FG Monster Truck Nitrous Oxide Testing Part 2

Allanach Racing's FG Monster Truck with nitrous setup - testing phase. This is a custom setup - not one of those kits. Allanach Racing will be developing his own kit in the near future... stay tuned
Check out my other videos for more large scale action!

Monster Trucks Big Pete

big rig monster truck
Big Pete Monster Trucks at wolverhampton show 2007 video was taken using Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ7

Awesome Motorcycle Burnout

This is one of the better burnouts Ive ever seen. I like the addition of the flaming tire

Kid does awesome sandrail wheelie at Glamis Dunes.

one of the luckest kids this one the best videos i ever seen we all wish we was this kid awesome dad.kid doing some big wheelies with a sand rail in the desert,10 year old E.G. does awesome 55 mph quarter mile wheelie in a sandrail at Glamis Dunes CA

sand rail grim reaper jump at little sahara


Hayabusa Sandrail- Short Sand Cars- Little Sahara Sand Dunes

Short Sand Cars Single Seat and Two Seat, Little Sahara Sand Dunes, 1300 Hayabusa Turbo Motor, Awesom Wheelies

Friday, January 21, 2011 Finals 2008

jr comp dragsters the silver and red one is snowmobile powered dragster and the other one is a turbo hayabusa powered dragster

accident investigation

go kart accident investigation
woman has died after her burkha became caught in a go-kart she was driving
A young Muslim woman had died after her burkha became snagged in a go-kart.

Legend Car Drag Races @ LVMS

The first ever Legend Car drag races at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway Motorcycle Powered Legends Car

1200# Motorcycle Powered Legends Car Drag Racing, Best pass this weekend was a 10.70

Thursday, January 20, 2011

rc tractor pulling

rc tractor puller electric truck pulling a sled comp at he hobby expo in rosemont IL 2010

rc tractor pull trucks and tractors

real nice paint jobs tractor pull trucks and tractors true fire airbrush paint jobs

rc john deere tractor pulling

1/5th scale 6030 John Deere set up as a Farm Stock puller rc tractor puller custom madeThese tractors are powered by 32cc to 50cc weedeater and scooter motors and are capable of pulling 300 lbs. they make these all them self home made real nice tractor puller hobby expo rosemont IL wwpa trator pulling association

rc tractor pulling crash

rc tractor pulling crash 4 engine weed waker engine tractor and truck pulling
rc tractor puller electric truck pulling a sled comp at he hobby expo in rosemount IL 2010

rc funny car tractor pulling

rc funny car tractor pulling tractor and truck pulling
rc tractor puller pulling a sled comp at he hobby expo in rosemount IL 2010

1960 Vespa 400 Microcar with 1200cc Harley Davidson Sportster engine

1960 Vespa 400 Microcar with 1200cc Harley Davidson Sportster engine
motorcycle powered car build

Turbo Kart

a jet powered go kart
engine garret allied signal jfs-100 turboshaft
the go kart has a garret turbo turned into a jet engine 100 horsepower

hear is the kart ripping around

speed racer mach 5 car

speed racer mach 5 car at the 2010 chicago auto show display

V16 hot rod

V16 34 ford roadster
the v16 come with a custom electronic fuel injection 410 hp at 3,500 rpm, with a ridiculous 1,150 lb-ft torque ,McKee Engineering Quarter Master did the fabricating.impressive massive enginecomplete and total custom car at the nice wire wheels big side pipes chicago auto show

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

CRANK HER UP!!! - DHC Red Barron 250 Nemesis Hardtail Chopper Project

This is a DHC Red Barron 250 Nemesis Hardtail Sportster Chopper Project just completed. The Bike is 8ft. Long. Some minor touches need to be finished but nothing Major. Hidden wiring, Spring Return Ignition Switch, Custom fabricated Mounts, Relocated Coil, 18" Rear Tire 21" Front both Spoked, Twin Goodyear Airbag Seat, 2" Exhaust ( Now Baffled )

250 walk around #1

total tricked out kikker 5150 chopper custom exhuast 6 over springer dna front end custom aircleaner harley rear wheel .custom airbrush paint job skull and snake

klems 250

kikker 5150 hard knock 250cc v-twin chopper

more 250 v-twin

kikker 5150 250cc v-twin chopper with a nice custom paint job

Kikker 250

kikker 5150 250 v-twin

kikker 5150 250 v-twin

kikker 5150 250 v-twin with some custom side pipes with some heat sheilds and some exhuast heat wrap

Howard Stern Slams Jay Leno

Howard Stern Slams Jay Leno

dragon tattoo

my back ,dragon back tattoo 2 dragons outlined

airbrush skull and blue fire

airbrush blue true fire and  skull on a motorcycle helmet

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Snowmobile Asphalt Drag Racing at Island Dave Thoman on Polaris 800

Snowmobile Asphalt Drag Racing at Island Dave Thoman on Polaris 800

First night at the track

Turbo CBR 1000 go kart at drag strip

nice motorcycle powered go kart

Crazy flip

good funny video kid getting towed in go kart and does crazy flip

HomeMade Go Kart (Finished)

cool three wheeler reverse trike ,like a t-rex
i built this go kart from scratch and got the designs from i add some pieces thougn which they might post on their website. it took 3 months to build, from gathering parts to test driving it. it was fun to build!

Monday, January 17, 2011

"monsterkart" "suzuki gsxr 750" "crazykarts" "kart" "Go-Kart" "rennkart"

suzuki gsxr go kart guys go off doing burnouts donuts and ripping up and down the street driving the kart real fast .cool ride.monsterkart, gsxr 750, suzuki

hear is more of the go kart some picures of the kart and some driving action

some more driving action

gixer kart

hear is slide show of motorcycle powered suzuki gsxr go kart build show the whole build even paint well built go kart next video shows it running on the street

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Worlds Fastest Single Engine Snowmobile 190mph Pt. 2

fast snowmobile doing a 190 mph run engine is a 1700cc on nitrous

Whizzer Bike, motorized bike

motor powered bicycle schwinn with a motor kit on it
Whizzer Bike, motorized bike

gocart with a yamaha r1 engine 1000cc

gocart with a yamaha r1 engine 1000cc driving around in a parking lot nice kart

First night at the track

Turbo CBR 1000 go kart at drag strip

hi ,we run a honda CBR1000 powerd go-kart in the uk and we run 6.66 second 1/8th mile times at an average of about 100mp

nitrous oxide powered drag kart

a Honda CBR1000 drag go-kart running nitrous oxide racing a R1 engine sprint car at santa pod 22 march 2009 in the uk

GSX-R 600 Kart - First Ride

Custom built kart we built at my shop. It's a 2005 GSX-R 600 motor, chassis is lengthened 20 inches. The chassis was a Intrepid Pro-Mirage setup for KT100. These videos were just test runs, this is only 1st gear, shifter isn't even installed yet, just the clutch. Everything thing on this kart was custom built at my fabrications shop. Its FOR SALE for the right price, send OFFERS.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Monster Kart Misio Gokart CBR F1 =] Opole Lubelskie

motorcycle powered go kart honda cbr f1 600 cc

more of the go kart driving around

Thursday, January 13, 2011

dodge dart circle track race car

dodge dart stroked 360 v8 race dirt and asphalt race car full cage widened chassis chopped top full out race car or low budget nascar at a car show in rolling meadows IL

hot rod action

hot rods at a hot rod show nice wheels

Cameron's Monster Bus Ride

girl doing a burnout on a sport bike suzuki motorcycle


girl doing a burnout on a sport bike suzuki motorcycle

Ever Seen A Wheelie Like This?

some wheelie motorcycle tricks


funny crash on a dirt bike motorcycle

2008 5150 kikker hardknock bobber

blonde girl riding a kikker 5150 hardknock motorcycle biker girl

Redhouse custom Paint, Inc. and the screaming skull

some airbrushing skull and flames realistic fire or true fire on a motorcycle gas tank real good work shows how to paint the skulls and flames

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Blue Fire by CHAO

airbrush blue strue fire and a skull custom painted car hood real good art work sick looking skull painted with hok paint an automotive paint

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Campagnia T-Rex Aero 3S WWW.AERO3S.COM

t-rex car show


wicked looking t-rex yellow and black

Diesel Performance Unlimited Diesel Roadster

Diesel Performance Unlimited: Pasco, WA, Cummings 5.9 diesel roadster 9.52 @ 139mph

NHRDA Desert Diesel Nationals 2011

March 12th Speedworld Dragstrip in Wittmann Arizona Diesel Nationals some diesel drag racing action all the top diesel drag racing trucks dragsters funny cars and
diesel powered roadster

turbo charged jet engine on go-cart

jet engine go kart propane powered engine test run of the jet engine

jet powered go cart test 2

jet power go kart just testing cool set up

Monday, January 10, 2011

Ariel Atom 3 Supercharged roadtest (english subtitled)

Ariel Atom 3 Supercharged roadtest open air car full tube chassis civic engine with a supercharger

kikker burnout badass

little kid doing a burnout out on a kikker 5150 hardknocks up against a car

FourLogic Gecko--1000cc Bike Engined Car

video entry for the ebay motors master contest about my bike engined project car
a project car build , home made street legal car ,shows how to build a tube chassis car .
est 0-60 2.8s
top speed 175

Eserini VW Dragster

a vw dragster vw engine powered dragster cheap way to go fast looks like it is a turbo 2cylinder engine

Wolfgang dragster

vw twin turbo dragter atthe dragsterip drag racing

VW Dragster

Chad Davis VW Dragster ,dragster is powered by a vw 2 cylinder bug engine looks like it has a turbo 2.

custom new camaro

custom new camaro 2010 camaro with some gold leafing with some engine turning in the gold leaf and pinstriping hood scoop fred gibb car

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Gixxer Kart...A must see run

motorcycle powered go kart taking a run cruising around fast little thing susuki

Our Lil' Shifter Kart with its new addition of a 06' GSXR 750 Motor installed

A Video we made of our 2006 GSXR 750 Gixxer Kart vs. our 2008 Hayabusa (Lowered with Vance & Hines Racing Exhuast!)
Race 1 - mode A, Race 2 - mode C, Race 3 - Mode B

hear is the kart night racing cool footage enjoy

Gixxer Kart for sale

2000 trackmagic diablo frame cut and strectched with an 05 gsxr 600 engine on it. very well built alot of time put in and very fast. Has a power commander III USB on it and the engine and fuel management is completely programable. It uses buttons on the steering wheel that activate an air shifter for fast smooth shifting with no linkage. If you want more details just ask I can go on forever.

All Chrome Busa Hayabusa Photo Shoot "The British Bling King"

This is our All Chrome Hayabusa built by FAT300 Custom Cycles and owned by Jonathan Boulby of the UK shot a women model ,wicked all cromed out susiki hayabusa , huge rear tire all custom out ,extended rear end.

Frogman Tim Cotterill Rocket II 2 Trike Custom Fast

blown hemi trike crazy huge trike with two front wheels that lean into the turn when your turn it helps this big beast to turn corners the steering is like the streering on the dodge tomahawk.this ia way over the top trike everyone likes that go big .the trike stops to pick up a hot girl model.

trike tricks

trike tricks doing some motorcycle tricks on the trike pretty cool and then a burnout

Friday, January 7, 2011

Blown efi injected 400 sbc chevy 55

more of the same blown and injecteted 400 sbc 1955 chevy belair
check out the video below of the 55 doing a burnout

Blown prostreet 55 chevy burnout

crazy party action at a car show drinking people sitting in the truck looks like fun and the blown and injected small block 1955 chevy Belair does a couple of big crazy burnouts driving sideways down the street .

Pro-Street Show Car 55' Chevy SUPER BAD!!!!

pro street 1955 Chevy blown 468 BBC dual carbs tubbed out wheelie bars and cage nice two tone paint job blue and white

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

whip cream secret safe

how to make a hidden storage whip cream can secret safe
eays way to hide stuff wear no one will find it ,easily made with house hold goods ,good security,if you keep getting robbed this is one way to hide you money or gold from the robbers.

Oma mit Sturmgewehr bzw Maschinenpistole MP 40 ( a old woman with a gun)

just good video ,got to put it on my blog
old grannie shooting a machine gun in a wheel chair awesome
a picture of in a wheel chair awesome
a picture of this should be on greeting cards a timeless moment.

3 corvairs

3 corvairs cars at a muscle car show in rosemont IL

Fahrende Bierkiste Becks

little mini beer go kart becks powered pretty cool

Monday, January 3, 2011

Early Run of My V-Twin model Engine by Terry Mayhugh

Just completed ... mostly machined on a Tormach PCNC mill with SolidWorks/SprutCam CAD/CAM plus manual lathe work on the cast iron cylinders, pistons, rings and crank. One inch bore with 1.25 inch stroke. Built entirely from material from a local scrap yard. Plan set available from Mayhugh engine V-twin vtwin tormach howell

1960 Vespa 400 Microcar with 1200cc Harley Davidson Sportster engine

vespa car with a harley engine a motorcycle powered car v-twin power
1960 Vespa 400 Microcar