Tuesday, May 31, 2011

axial scx10 honcho rc scale truck trial 4x4 off-road

rc crawling on a obstacle course,bridge out of sticks and rocks to crawl on cool stuff

Monday, May 30, 2011

Micropulling Voorst

lots of rc tractor pulling action ,trucks,tractors,jet turbine tractor puller and much much more

Heat turbine from the 2010 NRCTPA World Championships

rc jet turbine tractor puller
Owned by Martin Stoutem from the Netherlands. Ran in the Insane class and took 1st. This was from round 1 on Saturday

RC jet powered Tractor puller

rc tractor puller with a jet engine in it ,pulling a weight sled


rc adventures mud bogging threw the muck,rc large scale trucks in the mud

RC Tractor pulling

rc truck pulling doning some wheelies ,little crash at the end

Sunday, May 29, 2011


close up look at my traxxas jato

crazy wet jato burnouts

my jato todays action
traxxas 3.3 jato lighting up the tires
it is a tuff little truck it got hit by a car today but nothing broke ,runs perfect

Saturday, May 28, 2011

traxxas jato burnout

my new rc traxxas 3.3 jato doing a burnout

rc snow plow truck up close and personal [part 1/2]

rc snow plow build

rc snow plow truck up close and personal [part 2/2]

a video on making a rc truck snow plow
Here's the rest of the video about my rc plow. This installment is more focused on the plow itself. I hope by watching this you will learn just how simple a plow setup can be. See the plow in action here

R/C snow plow RC scale

rc truck with a snow plow ,plowing snow

Friday, May 27, 2011

Fast Full Pull

twin jet engine tractor puller with a birds eye veiw of the action ,with a on board cam

suzuki 100cc and pit bike

here is my new used a suzuki 100cc dirt bike and 110cc pit bikes bought them to fix them up

Børge leker i sandkassa #1

rc construction equipment in action

CASE MX270 RC Model Tractor w. Joskin Slurrywagon II

CASE MX270 R/C Model Tractor w. Joskin Slurrywagon
scala 1:13,6. The Tractor is Homemade with parts from a Dickie model. The Slurrywagon is built over a Siku 1:16.cool little tractor filling up must see tv

CASE MX270 RC Model Tractor w. Joskin Slurrywagon

CASE MX270 R/C Model Tractor w. Joskin Slurrywagon
scala 1:13,6. The Tractor is Homemade with parts from a Dickie model. The Slurrywagon is built over a Siku 1:16.

Volvo BM L-120 + Volvo A25C R/C 1:10

Homemade R/C Models Volvo BM L-120 Wheelloader loads sand on Volvo A25C Dumper Scale 1:10. No kits real Homemade from Denmark

CASE 4994 R/C Tractor Ploughing

CASE 4994 R/C Model Tractor Homemade 4x4 scale 1/10 with Naut plough
nice rc tractor plowing the field at hobby show

Viva Knock Vegas-Medium.m4v

kikker 5150 hardknock slide show of bunch of custom kikkers in las vegas

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Car Test Gone Wrong extreme auto test =)

dyno run gone horribly wrong, a tuner fell off the dyno nice wreck funny stuff

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

rc tractor pull trucks and tractors wicked paint

custom painted tractor puller trucks and tractors true fire airbrush paint jobs

rc tractor pulling wreck

3 engine tractor puller crashes into the end of the track full pull

rc tractor pulling 4 engine

another r/c tractor pulling 4 engine tractor comp three chainsaw engines on custom tractor pulling a sled hobby expo rosemont IL wwpa tractor pulling association http://www.wwpa4fans.com/

muscle car wreck

1971 monte carlo with a 572 engine just built and took it to the track and his brother crashed it.it was a perfect ride .at the great lakes dragway

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

HUGE transforming van cooks hotdog

This is Wicked Evolution Jr. on TV news at a car show in Kingston PA on April 30, 2010. Find out more about it at www.wicked-evolution.com expisition vehicle fire breathing rig mechanical monster truck

750lb RC van crushes hummer (transforming fire-breathing monster)

huge monster rc truck

Huge RC van crushes RC car

huge rc van ,monster truck cool stuff big rig

RON SMITH INSANE 1956 CHEVY Two 671 blowers george thorogood- bad to the...

one bad 1956 pick up truck with twin blowers and tubbed out full on pro street ride

Lambo Quad by Liberty Walk

lamborghini quad , avt with a lambo body kit on it .cool stuff

Lamborghini Quad bike

Registerable Quad with Lambo body kits and big wheels. Tokyo Auto Salon 09

A few people have been asking about this thing... so I looked up my photos from the show, and found a shot with their website... so...

More info here... http://www.libertywalk.co.jp/

Sunday, May 22, 2011

RC constructionsite scale

rc construction site wih rc construction equipment shovel dump trucks like real construction site cool stuff

How-To Install a ProCharger Supercharger

Chris Duke from Motorz TV http://www.motorz.tv/ shows you how to install an ATI ProCharger supercharger on a 2008 Ford Mustang GT. Special appearance from ATI ProCharger's Nick Schmidt
how to install a blower

Coolest Custom Bobber Motorized Bicycle Ever

custom made motorized chopper bicycle ,custom frame and fork ,with a 66cc engine kit
spookytooth parts

Friday, May 20, 2011


1917 harley board track racer running on a rainy track and a close up look at the engine

Thursday, May 19, 2011

RC Tractor pulling

rc john deere tractor puller

RC Tractor pulling

rc tractor pulling

RC Tractor pulling

rc jet tractor puller

RC Tractor pulling

rc tractor pulling

RC Tractor pulling

rc jet turbine jet engine really cool rc tractor puller

RC Tractor Pulling 2004 micro pulling

a close up look at tractor pullers all kinds of nice rc tractors check out the 5 nitro engine one
RC Tractor Pulling demo at the yearly modelbouwdag at Conrad, Boekelo, Netherlands

RC Tractor pulling

rc tractor pulling
a multiple engine tractor

RC Tractor pulling

rc truck pulling

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Monday, May 16, 2011

Legends Drag Racing!

couple of legend cars drag racing at the drag strip,a cheap way to run at the drag strip

Sunday, May 15, 2011

600 HP Midget 4x4 Truck Burnout,Must See

one of the coolest trucks 600 hp blown v8 mini monster truck with tube frame and 4 wheel steering

Friday, May 13, 2011

Jet Powered Quad

Jet Powered Quad close up look

Jet ATV Dragster

This is video from the American Snowmobiler sponsored drag races in Martin, Michigan on September 27th & 28th. The rider is Paul Magliato who gets the ATV up to about 145 mph. You can find out more at www.magnumjetsports.com.

2011 Hangar Pull

RC Tractor Pulling at the 2011 Hangar Pull. Video highlights the two Link Engineering tractors. Both finished 1 & 2 in the gas class.

RC kombajn John Deere

RC John Deere kombajn

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Monster spectacular jet car Armageddon

up close look at a gbc jet funny car at a monster truck rally in canada
Armageddon jet car Monster spectacular 2010

4 Jet Car Drag Race

4 jet cars running at a 4 lane dragstrip wicked stuff

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

giant killer mini funny car at county line dragway racing banchee and 3 ...

gbc jr com funny car with a cbr 1000cc engine ,running at the drag strip
with a on board helmet cam

GBC Racing

motorcycle powered funny cars ,or snowmobile powered 2
gbc racing funny cars

Monday, May 9, 2011

Armageddon fuel control adjustment.wmv

ARMAGEDDON, the world's fastest 3/4 scale jet funny car, gets her fuel control adjusted while in Tucson. Testing went well, ready to wow the crowds in 2010.gbc mini funny car

GBC Racing Funny Car. County Line Raceway Fl

gbc motorcycle powered funny car
CBR 1000 powered Mini Funny Car

Saturday, May 7, 2011

muscle car wreck

was at the drag strip,and a sad sight to see
1971 montecarlo with a 572 engine just built and took it to the track and his brother crashed it.it was a perfect ride,a ultra clean car .at the great lakes dragway drag racing

jet car

at the dragstrip and this showed up ,it is cool vehicle i ever seen,also the guy who drives it has the same last name as me ,not related
jet car at great lakes dragway 275mph barry richter ,hypersonic jet funny car

Thursday, May 5, 2011

NRCTPA r/c truck pulling spring nats

rc truck pulling ,tracotor pulling
rc truck pulling spring nats driveshaft class

2012 boss mustang dyno pull

2012 boss 302 mustang on a dyno at the chicago auto show 2011 doing a couple of pulls on the dyno

true fire camaro

1997 camaro purple airbrushed skulls grim reaper and purple true fire custom painted at a car show in rolling meadows IL looks good

speed racer mach 5 car

speed racer mach 5 car at the 2010 chicago auto show display

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

RC Pulling truck (Nitro) axial spec .32

cool puller ,truck pulling a battery
RC pulling truck custom made to match the full size model at http://www.badattitudepulling.com

Monday, May 2, 2011

raptor 1000 gsxr quad


raptor 1000 gsxr quad


raptor 1300 hayabusa

RAPTOR WITH A 1300CC HAYABUSA MOTOR quad doing some runs

raptor 1300 hayabusa

doing a burnout and big donuts

Super Chevy Show at Zmax Dragway, Concord, NC

over the top drag camaro blown and twin turbo,xtreame,it has a big scoop and if you look close you can see dual carns and twin turbos ,one big beast

2008 NR/CTPA Worlds Cummins Diesel replica full pull

2008 NR/CTPA World Championships in Northwestern Ohio
rc dodge cummins diesel truck

Kikker 5150 Hardknock 200

custom kikker 5150 hardknock ,with some nice pinstriping,with a spider web on the tank,custom up sweep exhuast,skull shifter,ape hanger bars.

Knocks Away.wmv

Viva Knock Vegas 2011
kikker 5150 hardknock video compilation in vegas motorcycle show