Friday, December 11, 2009

Brimstone Cycles Hot Rod Quadracycle

Hot Rod Quadracycle
-wheel base 103 inches
-cromoly tube chassis
-hood,dashcover,fenders -carbon fiber,kevlar,or aluminum
-engine -dart crate engine 350-427-454 from 300hp to 750hp
-transmission -gm 700r4 ,4 speed transmission push button shift display with paddle shifting in hand controls.

-brakes -wilwood polished calipers and master cylender
-differential -aluminum 8.8 ford rear end with 308 gearing
-wheels/tires- 17 inch ansen spiritswith bfgoorich 215/35zr tires
-exuast polished stainless steel
-0-60 in 2.8 seconds
-0-120 in 6 seconds
-15-30 mpg
-weight -1600 pounds wet
The hot rod quad made by Brimestone cycles all made right hear in the usa.made by owner joe skonecki , it took him over 3,500 plus ours to build this hot rod quad.
This is one way out ride, a oversized quad or just an open hot rod .The quad is very much so a attention getter out their on the road you would sure be having fun with this quad more than any other the power the looks are very impressive..It is  made with exotic materials Aluminum, Titanium, Magnesium, Carbon Fiber,  Kevlar ,stainless steel.Everthing on the vehicle is crome or polished even the lines and bolts trew out the quad has stainless steel bolts and hardware. This is a high end completely custom vehicle you can get it in any way you want it.This a vehicle that we all dream about building  .



  the engine comes with a radical intake 2 swooping pipeswith 2 spectre airfiters



a link to brimstones website

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Do-It-Yourself Turbocharger Turbojet

do it your self turbine engine a cool viedeo on building jet engines

Home built Jet Turbine bike

a small bike with a turbo converted into a jet turbine a test run .

Go Kart 600cc

check out this go kart 600cc of craziness ,cool kart ripping aroud

Turbo Raptor 700 quad

cool turbo quad out of germany can't understand them but a cool video the quads horse power is 102 HP

turbine powered go kart

a turbine powered go kart a jet engine.
a wicked kart that races againster a Ferrari

for more on this go kart click on the link below
this is the guys website he has more jet projects on their to.

Monday, December 7, 2009

harley powered dragster photo's

hear some of video of the rail has a new paint job

motorcycle powered dragster

check out this motorcycle powered dragster
'08 McGee chassis w/stock Hayabusa. MSD SB6 box, MTC air shift kit. MTC slider clutch 15/47 ratio

best times 1/4 is 10.90 125 and 1/8 is 6.97 101. Best 60' is 1.605

600cc go kart build

07 Kawasaki 636 motor on a go kart frame extended stretched its gonna be a beast

how to build a go kart

how to make a go kart how to pans and videos hope this will help out.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

GSXR 1100

hear is guy out of england on a gsxr1100 some cool photo's and video

John Mclean his best time on his gsxr1100 on the strait motor 9.65 @ 138mph
he's going to add some nitrous and plan on going 8.5's 8.2's

their is John Mclean this a wicked  photo
him and his dad dragrace bikes over in england.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

mini blown v8 and mini hotrod

this is hand built in perth western australia,1/4 scale v8 , based on smb 90cc ohv chev,everything backyard built,incl fibreglass body, runs on methanol or pump gas,electronic ignition,solid cam, roller rockers,only the block is water cooled,external oil pump, wet sump,centrifical clutch, 7:1 diff ratio,has 5 servos controlling brakes steering ,throttle, and lights,and no im not an engineer or a machinist,one real nice mini hotrod,you will be the judge.

this engine is 90cc, has wet sump, 2 oil pumps, water cooled,roller rockers,298 solid cam,dual carbs, blower,electronic ignition, what do think of it .

Smallest V8 engine

mini v8 engines videos

R6 powered mini sprint car

R6 powered mini sprint car

This is the first startup of our 600cc R6 powered mini sprint car.

We are still fine tuning the carbs to run on the alcohol.

2008 Bailey Mini-Sprint car

2008 Bailey Mini-Sprint car

mini sprint car

TwinTech Harley Custom Sports Car

TwinTech Harley Custom Sports Car

This car/bike was designed and build by Dave Piontek and Jay Novak. It's powered by a 120" V-twin Harley Davidson engine. Power is at 120HP and weight is 1100#. See a high quality video and more at

Hazardous Haroald Crazy V8 Supercharged Motorcycle

Hazardous Haroald Crazy V8 Supercharged Motorcycle
wicked bike from hell,custom made v8 motorcycle, with a supercharger.

a blower engine video