Sunday, February 28, 2010

snomobile powered dragster

world's fastest snomobile powered dragster

drivers Rusty Stevenson/Tom Ljuden
their drag racing team is R+C Motorsports

ENGINE-Yamaha RX-1 998cc built by Tom Ljuden, Ported cylinder head, heavy valve springs, aftermarket head studs, Wiseco 10:1 pistons, Carillo rods, Modified stock bore carbs, MSD MC-4 Ignition, Garrett GT28RS Turbo (2005 season), VP C-16 fuel
vehicle weight 800lbs

best time so far 8.034 @ 171.10 mph

umdra motorcycle and snowmobile powered drag vehicles

mini funny car test and tune

hear is some testing and tuning of a suzuki 1000cc motorcycle powered dragster ,looks like in the back yard and some testing at the strip and some running the car at the dragstrip.This is a GBC Racing funny car ,made by GBC Racing in Milford, Indiana usa .The funny cars are well built high performace machines if you want to go fast with out braking the bank one of these  funny cars are the way to go.You can run a just about any motorcycle engine, even harley engine or even a snowmobile engine in these vehicles. Chassis' are certifiable to 7.50 in a 1/4 mile. 110" wheel base cromoly chassis .

Motor is Suzuki 1000

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

magnacharger for v-twins

magnachager on a harley v-twin

cut away of the magnacharger
on a 1999 Harley Davidson FXDX Twin Cam With stock Heads, Pistons and Cam. Produced 105 FT. Lbs of Torque, and 107 Horsepower. The only addition was a Crane Hi-4 ignition, Screamin Eagle Mufflers, and a MagnaCharger SuperCharger.
this supercharger can increase your Horsepower of between 50 to 100% and boost your low end torque.

Procharger supercharger system

Procharger supercharger system
for  Harley Davidson Motorcycles

-Designed for Stock and Modified Motors to get 40-80hp

 -The First and Only Intercooled Centrifugal Supercharger for Harley Davidsons

- Exclusive Design doesn’t Affect Drivability, Idle Quality or

Rider Position

- Easily Installs in 4-6 Hours with Standard Hand Tools

- Innovative Power Take-Off for Ultimate Reliability

- Featuring Gear Driven B-1 ProCharger Supercharger with

Self-Contained Oiling

-Patented Design For Quiet Operation

- Very Predictable and Consistent Power

-The Most Efficient Supercharger Available for American V-Twins

- Compact and Lightweight

-intercooler is also avalable to add some more power

-availble for carb and fuel injected models

- Extremely Durable, with 3-Year Supercharger Warranty Available
The Harley-Davidson Twin Cam EFI ProCharger system contains

the powerful and efficient B-1 ProCharger, a complete air-to-air intercooler system (a ProCharger exclusive), supercharger bracket, outer primary cover, power take-off, air filter cover, belt tensioner, surge/bypass valve, computer programming, air filter, belts, hoses and all the nuts and bolts needed for a 100% complete, OEM quality installation. Designed by Accesssible Technologies’ proven engineering team, all components are manufactured with the highest quality materials and latest CNC machining equipment. With industry leading supercharger technology and an integrated intercooler design, a new standard for V-twin performance has arrived.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

delta wing concept car

the delta wing concept car ,300hp areo car weighing in 1,000lb
a new concept car for f1 racing these are suposed to replace the f1 cart racing cars.They have not tested it yet,looks like just a promotional car for firestone.
at the chicago auto show.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

2010 mustang at chicago auto show

road racing 2010 mustang at the chicago auto show,a track car ,the car has a full racing roll cage .362 cubic inc ford engine 750hp top speed 175mph

2010 chevy camaro video

2010 chevy camaro, this is great new coming of new high performance cars ,very excited about the new camaro it was a very nice site to see at the chicago auto show at mccormick place ,it has very smooth sleek lines that are very apealing to the eye ,the interrior is very sleek and modern it is perfectly molded to the body it goes with the overall look very well.The camaro come with a standard v6 but a v8 is available 6.2L/378 v8  426hp and 420lbs of torque ,comes in ss versions  .The car weighs in at 3780lbs.4 wheel anti lock disc brakes .This car costomized takes the car to a hole new level ,how can not be impressed with this car in past 30 years cars were coming out of detroit was very plain ,this sets the industry on it's ear .One day i wish to own one .What do think of this new camaro.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

V16 34 ford roadster

here is a an impressive car a 34 ford roadster with a V16 in it .
The 34 ford roadster body and frame was stretched 15 inches ,to make room for the  '30s-era Marmon engine,it  is a all aluminum V16 engine,the engine has a custom electronic fuel injection,the engine produces 1,150 lbs of torque and backed up by a viper 6speed trans,not bad car really nice car to see in person.say it and it was a beauty.

general lee car at the 2010 chicago auto show

general lee car at the one of the origanals  from the show duke of hazzard ,2010 chicago auto show ,this week went to the chicago auto show  and took some pictures and filmed some cars hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2010 dodge challenger

2010 purple dodge hemi challenger at the 2010 chicago auto show

custom painted viper at 2010 auto show

custom painted viper at 2010 auto show

us army top fuel dragster

US  Army top fuel dragster

                                                          us army top fuel dragster


rear end

us army tribute bike

us army tribute bike

1970.5 outlaw camaro

full out drag race car ,competes in out law class in drag racing,the engine is a 864 cubic inch big block chevy monster engine ,the engine is a buck racing engine, engine is a 1800 horsepower naturally aspirated engine, their is a 1100hp four stage nitrous system added to the 1800hp engine that make a combined total of 2900hp .
transmission -lenco cs3 airshifted 4 speed trans
0-60 in1/2 second
1/8 mile et 3.80 190mph
1/4 mile 5.80 240mph

2010 dodge viper

3 viper on display at the chicago auto show
V10 viper motor

2010 gt500 mustang

2010 camaro

Sunday, February 14, 2010

airbrush tips part 2

Piston exits engine

engine failure at the dragstrip on a motorcycle the engine blew up and the piston shot out and hit the guy in the chest.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


2010 victory vision 8-ball touring motorcycle,a blacked out touring cruiser,a impressive looking machine,you first look at it you see the sleek aggressive areo look,a very smooth transition from the front of the bike to the rear of the bike,comes with a 106 inch freedom v-twin engine ,97 horsepower and 113 ft-lb of torque,fuel system electronic fuel injection with a 45mm dual trottle body,6speed trans,wheel base 65.7 inch,dry weight 800lbs.comes with some side storage  in the rear of the bike.Come with 2 inch lower seat,blacked wheels,   comes with xl foot boards for extra comfort,a redisigned motorcycle with comfort in mind .if you are looking for nice and comfortable cruiser,i would keep this one in mind.

do you think it is a spaceship or motorcycle,you decide.

airbrush basics

hear is the basic on how to get your airbrush run consistently.

Monday, February 8, 2010

massize back tire on a hayabusa

hear is a custom hayabusa with a massive tire and big swingarm on the back doing a burnout

hear is pic of the custom hayabusa

Sunday, February 7, 2010

blower for small engines

Hanson supercharger corporation is a company that makes superchargers for small engine vehicles for go karts or can be used on just about anything that it is up to your imagination.
This HSC V-12 system,  is a roots blower or supercharger,the blower can increas power by up to 50% on a smallengine.

supercharger hooked up to a briggs and stratton engine

hear is a go kart with the supercharger
hear is a video of a hanson HSC V-12 system supercharger on a briggs and stratton engine in a bike running on alcohol and the blower is making 25 pounds of boost

more video of same bike.

hear is another example of some more superchargers this blower on this motorcycle ,this is a AISIN AMR300 Blower Derby City Customs in Louisville, Ky. built the motorcycle
blower with a holley carb on top ,with a K&N filter ,the gas take was split to make room for the blower set up.This on mean street machine, THE bike with the blower sounds like a V8.

hear is a AISIN AMR300 Blowerblower on a go kart with a intercooler

it can be used on a briggs and straton engine

more pics of the blower
another one AISIN AMR300 Blower