Monday, February 28, 2011

purple true fire

here is a my airbrushing done it for a friend that was feeling blue ,sad ,did this to cheer har up ,it worked .
purplr true fire witht some floweres on some black construction paper

2012 Dodge Charger SRT8: 2011 Chicago

2012 Dodge Charger SRT8: 2011 Chicago auto show 6.4 L hemi v8 465 hp 465 pounds of torque
with a tall ebony model telling us about the car

crazy ford robot

seen this robot at the chicago auto show 2011 at the ford booth it made for ford motor company a promotional robot promomting ford cars and acting crazy and funny

Sunday, February 27, 2011

rc cars at cycle track

some friends and I having fun down at the cycle track. cars on the track: Losi 8ight-e brushless, Traxxas slash 4x4 Platinum edition and Traxxas Bandit vxl (on steroids). cars off the track: AE rc18t2 (on drugs with a 9600kv brushless motor), 2x Losi xxx-4, Traxxas e-revo 1/16, Traxxas Rustler VXL, Duratrax vendetta st at the velodrome

RC Monster Truck Class- Hodgenville Ky 2-26-11, NR/CTPA

nitro rc truck tractor pulling
This is the Monster Truck class held at hodgenville ky on 2-26-11. It was a great time.

1st place - Me with the Red Monster GT
2nd Place- White Savage
3rd Place- Black Losi (aftershock or LST?)

P.R banshee snowmobile 5.9 nightmare en salinas

snowmobile powered quad a atf with a snowmobile engine it at the drag strip

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Turbocharged Suzuki Hayabusa powered Lotus 7 kit car - 380hp

Lotus Seven inspired car with a 1,299 cc motorcycle engine, taken from the Suzuki Hayabusa, and six-speed pushbutton sequential gearbox. The Megabusa is a road legal track car. Nissan Skyline T28 dual ball bearing turbo, Quaife differential, Cosworth ported with driveshaftshop axles, independent suspension, 12,000rpm, accusump dry sump, liquid intercooled, 380hp.

Front anti-roll bar
Oval wide track front wishbones with cantilever inboard anti-roll bar
Rear anti-roll bar
Detachable rear arches
Rear FW body styling
Quick release steering wheel
Trimmed racing seats
RAC specification roll bar
Full FIA roll cage
Uprated nitron shocks and springs
Four point 3" race harnesses
Limited Slip Differential
Full electrically heated screen
Weather Tonneau cover
Full trim interior
Epoxy coated aluminium panels

wheelie fast race ghostrider Gr2 Motorcycle Suzuki Hayabusa Turbo street racing cops insane ghost rider lotus kit car turbocharged turbocharger projectcartv itsdamianlol damian yt:quality=high yt:stretch=16:9 guitar engines


hayabusa with some custom blue neo led lights

All Chrome Busa Hayabusa Photo Shoot "The British Bling King"

This is our All Chrome Hayabusa built by FAT300 Custom Cycles and owned by Jonathan Boulby of the UK

custom rc car

custom rc car custom paint tuner


go kart

go kart axle set up

go kart axle hub and brake nice products

mini sprint car

mini sprint car

racing go kart

racing go kart

Beam type steam engine model

This engine was designed by Elmer Verburg and published in the Nov 1980 edition of Live Steam. Modeled after the huge Power/Pumping engines of the early 1900's, these engines where sometimes 2 stories in height and had a flywheel of 18 feet or more in diameter. This was the first scratch-built engine I have built since purchasing a Sieg Mini-Lathe and Mini-Mill. It is shown operating on compressed air (2 to 5 PSI), but I hope to soon have it running on steam.


kikker 5150 hard knock 250cc v-twin ride along on board cam

Jet Powered Quad

Jet Powered Quad.. This Thing is SICK! You could feel the heat coming off of this thing from 500 feet away.. and the sound.. whoa deafening! ears rung for hours after!

minimoto project drag bike PART 1

cool little video of a mini 3 engine poket bike xtream machine
Thanks for looking please feel free to leave comments.

Many thanks to Jerry Cookson and Anthony Hodges for letting us test on site. The speeds in this footage vary from 50 to 65 MPH. Snowmobile Drag Bike

B-n-S Racing Snowmobile Powered Dragbike powered by a 2 cylinder polaris snowmobile engine

Pontiac Firebird (close of the carbs and supercharger)

nice blown big v8 engine with a nice shotgun airscoop on a Pontiac Firebird

Conley V8 Engine

Conley V8 Engine up close look at a mini v8 engine for rc cars and trucks

Friday, February 25, 2011

Water graphix on sand rail.

custom painted sand rail

jimmy's sand rail

cool 2 cylinder vw sand rail

Sand rail doing a wheelie

sand rail doing one big wheelie

Mark's Sand Rail

sand rail catching some air dune buggy jumping at some sand dunes cool pic

rc cat 966h loading rc truck

rc cat 966h loading rc truck rc excavator dump truck syeam roller plow shovel
some cool stuff

rc pulse jet boat

rc jet powered boat flying around the water and flying into the air
How notcheck it out coiol boat to build and run a model pulsejet boat ,It crashed a lot,then melted

The best footage EVER of a RC jet crash ;)

rc jet crash and fire
This is a friend's Skymaster Rafale I videotaped crashing at FBF in Brooklyn. Plane lost control after ailerons let loose from poor servo mounts in wings ...

RC Jet plane explosion

rc jet plane crashes into trees and explodes boom

Worlds Fastest RC Boat - Over 140mph! Lehner Motoren Technik

one fast rc boat
Short video of the worlds fastest RC boat going over 140 mph! Be sure to check out the crash near the end of the video. The worlds fastest remote controlled boats are electric powered using brushless motors and lipo batteries.

kikker 5150 hardknocks pictures

kikker 5150 hardknock pictures custom with a nice sissie bar and big custom up sweep exhuast

200 and larger pics

kikker 5150 hardknok red white and blue amwerican theam

Stoisko HPI na targach w Norymbergii

RC Tractor pulling

rc tractor pulling

RC Tractor pulling

rc tractor pulling

Jump Mania -Junior Monster Truck Tips! Forklift Gets BOGGED!

mini monster truck at monster truck show or comp tipping over cool little truck

Michael gets Air.MOV

Michael Deuty gets air when crushing Barbie's Jeep in

4x4 go kart

monster truck go kart
4x4 go kart finally painted after almost 20 years.
(1978 jeep brillant blue) paint bought 24 years ago

HardKnock Los Angeles p1

kikker 5150 hardknock 200cc ride along with on board cam in LA

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hardknock Chicks on Knocks

blonde girl on kikker 5150 hardknock bobber riding around also show some other nice kikkers

Ballistic Eagle Jet Powered Motorcycle

world's fastest jet bike
Kevin Martin Piloted the Ballistic Eagle to 202.55 mph in the 1/4 mile becoming the first man ever to break into the 200 mph range on a jet motorcycle. This historic event was only made possible with the support of the crew and great sponsors like Global Oil Solutions and Whelen Engineering

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

finished hubless chopper

one crazy chopper wicked nice chopper hubless motorcycle with one huge rear tire the bigest motorcycle rear tire i ever seen sweet bike check it out . Motorcycle Powered Funny Car Chad Macey

Chad Macey's Mini Motorcycle powered Funny Car

9.48 @ 146 MPH Mini-Pro Funny Car

GBC Racing Mini-Pro Mini Funny Car suzuki hayabusa 1300cc
Drivin by Nick Breaux ATC Racing at the time

V 12 Modellmotor RC Engine the original Video !

-Testrun- this is the original Video from the owner;topspeed 6000RPM;6-8 HP--87 ccm -has got the whole Engine
for further Information please go to my websitte - -
I do read all your coments - thank You

shows the engine being machined

Another look at the Worlds Fastest R/C Car 161.76mph

one fast rc streamliner car the orange bullet racing at a dragstrip

crazy buggy jump (almost flip)

Bad landing with my cbr 929 fireblade powered mini sandrail. No big damage, just some scratches on the front bumper. I need some stiffer springs in the rear:P

Camera is Casio Exilim Pro EX-f1 filmed at 300 frames per second

cool video of a sand rail jumping

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

1/4 scale jet dragster launch test.

1/4 sacale rc jet dragster powered with a jj jet engine

Homebuilt Kawasaki KZ-650 powered Gocart

kawasaki kz 650cc custom made homemade sand rail1.

Golf Cart with Yamaha R1 engine

one of of the better videos on the web about built vehicales shows the golf cart on the dyno and doing wheeelies on the dyno and on the street check it oput
Yamaha R1 engine fitted inside of a golf cart 125 hp

kart hornet

motorcycle powered go kart don't know size or what kind of engine but sure rips on board cam veiw a good go kart video

motorcycle go kart

yamaha yzf 600cc Motorcycle Engine on a kart frame

walk around of the motorcycle powered go kart

Go kart build vid - Honda GX160 engine

go kart build
A vid showing the rough build process of my honda powered go kart. Originally bought off ebay for £26 then added bits as and when bargains popped up on ebay/car boot sales etc. Total cost was about £150. Im not sure what the chassis is so if anyone recognises it please let me know.

Monday, February 21, 2011 Buck Rogers vs Dan Bowers

Norwalk OH AMA Dragbike event. UMDRA Members Gary "Buck" Rogers vs Dan Bowers 1300 Turbo Busa Dragster drag racing turbo hayabusa powered dragster the red and white one running 152 mph in the 1/4 mile

cummins turbo diesel close up look

a close up look at a cummins diesel engine and turbo this a display engine at the 2011 chicago auto show at the dodge booth it a 4 valve 5.9 L

close up look at the cummins diesel engine video

Jr. Dragsters

I took an up close look at jr dragster racing and realized something I had never seen before...

JR DRASTERS Test and Tune Numidia,Pa

Micron Top-Gun Saturday Sept 8,2007 shakedown & qualifying

true fire

custom painted airbrushed mustang blue true fire

true fire chopper

geico chopper custom painted sled airbrushed true fire on the bike

FG Monster Truck Nitrous Oxide Part1 checkout Part2 as well

Allanach Racing's FG Monster Truck with nitrous setup - testing phase. This is a custom setup - not one of those kits. Allanach Racing will be developing his own kit in the near future... stay tuned
Check out my other videos for more large scale action!

24v Cummins vs. 7.3L Powerstroke

tug of war cummins vs 7.3 powerstroke good pulling wars video


cummins dodge pulling comp lots smoke and lots of fun nice dodge trucks and lots of power

Chevy S10 - Huge Burnout & Tires Catch Fire!

the best burnout video i ever seen
Chevy S10 - Huge Burnout & Tires Catch Fire! blown and injected pick up truck



Sunday, February 20, 2011

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Most Badass V8 Muscle Bikes Video Ever!

nice v8 nasca v8 motorcycles the nicest motorcycles i ever seen 700hp
Watch as two competing garages take V8 car engines out of Muscle Cars and shove them into motorcycles. Each episode ends at the drag strip where they unleash the power of their supercharged machines

Camaro 6.5 Diesel Turbo

6.5 turbo diesel duramax camaro
Old setup. Idle/Walkaround Vid finished turbo system

6.5L Turbo Diesel Engine
4L80E trans
rear mounted Hx-35W turbocharger
15 psi
Mechanical IP and much more

14.621 @ 93.32 mph
Temp 60F
a few specs for the car.
Db2 4911 1/4 turn
Hx35w, 15 psi max
275 street tires
2.73:1 gears, OEM locker
4L80E shifting at 3200 rpms
no engine internal mods, no head studs
L65 intake

Cummins S10 vs. Duramax Camaro

cool video two veihicles that had a diesel engine put into them duramax diesel camaro and a cummins s10 pretty cool Brandon's Cummins S10 drag racing at Scheid Diesel's eXtravaganza 2009. Round #2 rematch put me up against the same first gen Duramax powered Camaro Z28. I turned the nitrous on for this pass and hurt traction even more.

Diesel Performance: 7.77 sec @ 180 mph

wold's fastest diesel truck
7.77 Seconds @ 180.00 MPH -- New NHRDA Record.
The record took place March 7, 2009 at the NHRDA Desert Diesel Nationals at the SpeedWorld Dragstrip in Wittman, Arizona.

Levi LaVallee X Games 2009 Insane First Snowmobile Double Backflip

Insane double backflip by Levi La Vellee X Games 2009
snowmobile double backflip

Muscle cars Illegal Drag racing in sweden

some drag racing in sweden Birka cup 2 2006
Muscle cars Illegal Drag racing in sweden Worlds Fastest Snowmobile Powered Drag Bike

world's fastest snowbike or snowmobile powered motorcycle the engine is a polaris 600cc 2 cylinder snow engine UMDRA & AMA DragBikes's world fastest snowmobile powered drag bike. BnS Drag Racing

9.165 1/4 mile Finals 2008

motrcycle powered dragster is the smaller red and white turbo hyayabusa dragster and the silver and red one is snowmobile powered dragster artic cat

More of the R6 powered mini sprint.

This is the first startup of our 600cc R6 powered mini sprint car.

We are still fine tuning the carbs to run on the alcohol.

This current motor (not our race motor) has a full head port and polish[intake/exhaust] and a reflashed ECU

more of the micro sprint car

Tyler Mini Sprint.flv

look at a sprint car going around a cirle track and close up look at the micro sprint car

2008 Bailey Mini-Sprint

aclose uplook at mini sprint car
Here's a quick video of a brand new 2008 Bailey Mini-Sprint. We are a Northern U.S.A. and Canadian dealer for these cars. More video to come soon!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Diesel World Land Speed Record Breaker travels to the salt flats of Bonneville, USA, where JCB's Dieselmax reached speeds of more than 350mph to become the fastest diesel engine car on earth.

Worlds Fastest Motorcycle 367 mph BUB #7 Streamliner

world's fastest motrcycle it has a v4 engine
Cook's Shootout 2009 Denis Manning's BUB Streamliner #7 Piloted by Chris Carr set a new world land speed record for a motorcycle 367.382 mph thru the timed mile with and exit speed of 372.534 mph on the Bonneville Salt Flats Utah

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

MonsterKart 6 - 1/4 mile kart vs. ktm x bow and yamaha Vmax

the worls fastest go kart
the monserkartgarage crew was invited by a german tv show to race the 1/4 mile against a ktm xbow tuned by mtm and yamaha Vmax on a just finished Highway. tv makes it possible. kilometers of free road for the kart. unfortunately i was not there to film it. but pezi und seitz did thé job well with there photocams. weather was perfect so lets have fun.
to see the tv broadcast go to:

Friday, February 11, 2011

Gixxer Kart...A must see run

a gsxr go kart doing some lauches and burnouts check out the tires after the burnouts he ripped up his tire good

a close up look

YZF R1 Go Kart

1000cc 150Hp go kart..
YZF R1 Go Kart
has soo much torque its hard to rip it in a straight line

Epic Top 10: Der T-Rex das coolste Auto

t-rex compilation of video and pics

Saturday, February 5, 2011

quad at the sand drags

quad at the sand drags
some sand drag video don't know what the engine is but nice quad

hot train on train action

General Motors Electro-Motive Division model F40PH is a 4-axle 3,200 hp (2.4 MW) B-B diesel-electric locomotive passenger train
park ridge IL

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sprint Drag Car

sprint car drag racing a the drag strip looks like a v8 sprint car gets a little loose but gets a good run

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sand rail for sale glamis

Sand rail for sale glamis
e-mail for more information

RC Tractor pulling

RC Tractor pulling video
When you cant afford the big one, you get little ones

RC Tractor Pulling / 1/5th Scale MX 275 First Test

1/5th Scale Mx 275 R/C Pulling Tractor. 60 pounds, 36 inches long. 92cc McCulloch engine. Pulls in the Experimental, Tiller Tire class with the Weed Wacker Pulling Association,

hear is the tractor pulling in action

RC Tractor pulling

john deere rc tractor pulling vehicle
When you cant afford the big one, you get little ones

RC Tractor pulling

RC Tractor pulling
When you cant afford the big one, you get little ones

best tractor and truck pulling video

tractor and truck pulling compilation
rc tractor puller electric truck pulling a sled comp at he hobby expo in rosemount IL 2010

Best Rc Pulling Video

some of the coolest rc tractor pullers i could find including one with a mini jet engine in it. Sure is fun watching watching these little pullers.

Kikker Hardknock Bobber built by Ultimate Cycl Co.

Kikker Hardknock Bobber built by Ultimate Cycl Co. with some customizing pinstriping and parts
check us out at

Kikker 5150 200cc

A little vid of the new Kikker 5150 hard knock bobber 200cc

So Cal HardKnockin' -- Kikker Hardknock 200

on board cam veiw ride along
Knockin through Vista Ca on a 200cc 09 Kikker Hardknock Old School Bobber.
Get your Own at
Starting at $1499!!!!

Kikker HardKnock Bobber

Kikker HardKnock Bobber with some ape hanger bars out cruising around

kikker hardknock 200cc

kikker ride along

kikker hardknock 200cc

big guy on a small bike koser on chingy, koser is 6'4" 345lbs, this guy would be be on any bike
hardknock 200 super K

Kikker Hardknock

kikker 5150 harkknock mini bobber walk around nice clean look at the bike

Kikker Hardknock

Kikker 5150 Hardknock Bobber tooling around on it and doing donuts on some gravel and burnouts and a night ride

200cc kikker hardknock

kikker 5150 harknock walk around and riding

Kikker Hardknock Bobber

Kikker 5150 Hardknock Bobber

out riding around

My Kikker 5150 Hardknock 200

My Kikker 5150 Hardknock 200cc walk around

Kikker 5150 Hardknock

Kikker 5150 Hardknock out for a ride in a parking lot video

Buggy Build 2.0 19-Sep-09

Buggy Build 2.0
This buggy is complete and I have ride videos posted. Check my channel for the newer videos. I usually post new videos after each ride. For more info on this and other builds check out, a free forum for mini buggy builders.
I do not have plans for this buggy.

buggy build 08-09

kawasaki gpx 750 100hp sand rail he builds a trike first then he cuts it apart and build a homemade dune buggy.

How to build a McRae Buggy in less then 1.33 min.

high speed buggy build sand rail build

Street Legal Sand Rail Hot Rod Fun!

street legal vw poered sand rail out for a cruise
Sand Toy. Dunes, Drags, or Saturday night Cruise-In. Nobody doesn't LOVE this buggy

ride along on board cam