Friday, March 25, 2011

1/3 scale 302 Ford V8 running

After a long period of just sitting in the display case I finally made the time to get my 1/3 scale 302 Ford V8 engine running again. I made an entirely new distributor and points along with a different cap. I think the ignition problems are sorted out I just have to get the carburetion fine tuned. This video is the first one taken with all the changes. I only have it running at one speed till I figure out what adjustments are needed.

This is the latest video of my 302 Ford engine running. Prior to the last video I had redesigned the distributor thinking I had a great idea to operate the points. It worked but very intermittently. I then went modern and replaced everything with a Hall trigger. The magnet is on a stationary post and the timer is similar to full sized automotive practice, it has windows around the perimeter of a drum. I have been playing with it and I think this is going to be the answer. It turns out that all the carb problems were actually ignition problems.

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