Sunday, December 26, 2010

custom made RC Nitro 8x8 Amphibian truck with twin lrp 28

crazy 8 wheeled rc truck
This is my custom built nitro 8x8 Amphibian.. The truck is not complete yet but is close to being done.. There is still a crane that goes on the back of it on the plate that will be completely operable.. Should be on there tonight and have a video up tomorrow hopefully.. And also will try to have the bottom sealed and filled with foam in between the chassie plates to try to make it float and go across water but that part is still a work in process

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tyre changer said...

The Terrapin was the British equivalent of the American DUKW, and although it was never built in the numbers that the DUKW achieved it made a useful addition to the amphibious load-carrying fleet used by the British army in 1944-5.