Thursday, October 21, 2010

Testing for Speed weekend

Decided to blow some dust from the jetcart, it has been standing in the shed for almost 3 years now so it was in need of new fuel lines and a reposition of the propane bottle for safety reasons. We were supposed to race at the summer edition of the Speed Weekend in Halmstad in Sweden but it was postponed thanks to the idiot in charge of the the airport´s insurance company. Hopefully we can race later this summer.

I didn´t have any diesel fuel so I tried to run the afterburner on E85, even running with an unrestriced fuel feed it didn´t get enough fuel since E85 packs much less energy than diesel. It is also a bit dangerous if the afterburner ignition fails since the etanol vapours cannot be seen, diesel fuel sends out billowing clouds of white smoke so there is no risk forgetting that the afterburner fuel pump is on.

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