Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Hill Billy Turbo Hayabusa Nitrous Banshee (all clips)

This is all the video I have of the legendary Hill Billy hayabusa nitrous banshee. This video was taken at Banshee wars at Dumont dunes in 2006. The Bike is named Hill Billy.

35psi boost 11,400rpm 531RWHP 326FT tq, 643RWHP and 356ft tq on nitrous.

Quote from the owner:

ok for all the questions. Yes it really runs up to 35psi boost, NOT 3.5 or 13.
Max boost is 40psi without nitrous, 28psi with nitrous.
If you watch the videos you will see at the top when the launch control computer shuts down and it goes full power it just rips the front off the ground. On this little hill it was never more then 350whp-20-25psi boost. Hill just isnt long enough or steep enough to use any more power.
people who made comments about its 1/4 mile times, it ran 7.12 @188mph

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