Thursday, February 18, 2010

2010 chevy camaro video

2010 chevy camaro, this is great new coming of new high performance cars ,very excited about the new camaro it was a very nice site to see at the chicago auto show at mccormick place ,it has very smooth sleek lines that are very apealing to the eye ,the interrior is very sleek and modern it is perfectly molded to the body it goes with the overall look very well.The camaro come with a standard v6 but a v8 is available 6.2L/378 v8  426hp and 420lbs of torque ,comes in ss versions  .The car weighs in at 3780lbs.4 wheel anti lock disc brakes .This car costomized takes the car to a hole new level ,how can not be impressed with this car in past 30 years cars were coming out of detroit was very plain ,this sets the industry on it's ear .One day i wish to own one .What do think of this new camaro.

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